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Smoked rib sandwich topped with BBQ sauce and sliced onions and pickles on a wooden cutting board.
Smoked Rib Sandwich (McRib Copycat)
Pile of sliced Apple Jalapeno Ribs on a wood board.
Apple Jalapeno Smoked Ribs
Individually sliced smoked beef back ribs stacked on top of each other.
Smoked Beef Back Ribs
Reverse seared steak cooked to medium rare cut in half and resting on a wooden plate.
Perfect Reverse Seared Steak on the Grill
Three-image collage of wood pellets, chips, and chunks.
Best Wood for Smoking
Patio Provisions Store Guide
Smoked cinnamon almonds in a wooden bowl next to a striped kitchen towel.
Smoked Cinnamon Almonds
steakhouse butter burger
Steakhouse Butter Burgers
5 Tips to Up Your Grilling Game