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I’m so happy you’re here! Make sure to check out all this site has to offer. From our amazing, foolproof recipes, to our signature line of rubs and sauces, we’re here to walk you through every step of your BBQ journey.

Helping You Make Better BBQ

When I sit down to create a new recipe for my site, I think back on Susie in 2005 when she first lit a fire and threw some meat on the grill hoping it would come off edible.

I believe making delicious food on the grill should be accessible to everyone, and that’s where Hey Grill Hey comes in. We’re a site for the “everygriller.” I’m here to help you make better BBQ so you can feed the people you love and become a backyard BBQ hero.

Hey Grill Hey is focused on helping you make good BBQ.

Every. Single. Time.

As Seen In

“meat” the team

Each of these fantastic humans has been integral in the growth of Hey Grill Hey! The website started as a one-woman operation with Susie handling all of the recipe testing, social sharing, writing, photographing, videography, etc. Now we have the amazing opportunity to benefit from the skills of our talented team to bring you the very BEST in BBQ anywhere on the internet. Thanks for supporting our small, family-owned business and helping us support our team!

Susie Bulloch


Susie is the BBQ Brain behind the Hey Grill Hey website. Her passions for smoked meats and developing fun, new recipes have landed her on the Food Network, cooking turkeys with Shaq, and on a couple of Guinness World Records. When she’s not grilling, she is hanging out with Todd and their three kids, preferably outdoors!

Brandon Cowan


Brandon lives in Southern Utah with his beautiful wife and 2 fantastic doggos. He loves BBQ, big trucks, and helping Hey Grill Hey reach aspiring new pitmasters. If he’s not online, you can find him in the mountains.

Dallin Clark


Dallin has been a fan of Susie’s work from the very beginning. Their long-time friendship has become a partnership helping to launch the Hey Grill Hey line of BBQ Rubs and Sauces. Dallin and was born, raised, and reside in Southern Utah where he and his wife, McKell raise their 2 kids, a cat, and a handful of cows.

Jinger Koyle

YouTUbe Manager

Say hello to Jinger, our YouTube guru! She’s been rocking the social media scene since ’09. When she’s not wrangling her three boys, she’s up in the skies of Southern Utah, living her dream as a pilot. Traveling’s her jam, and hanging out with her massive family (yep, she’s one of twelve from a little farm in Idaho) is her happy place.

Jinger’s not just about the adventures, though. She’s also a whiz at keeping things in line, making sure our content game is always on point. Whether she’s cooking up the next big hit or fine-tuning the nitty-gritty, she’s our go-to for all things YouTube.

Greg Sorensen


Greg is a professional photographer based in Southern Utah. He started his career photographing landscapes and wildlife and recently added the delicious specialty of food photography to his resume. When he’s not preparing flavorful food to be photographed and enjoyed by friends and family, he loves spending time out in nature with his family and a camera in hand.

todd bulloch


#TasteTestTodd is the man with the golden taste buds. Nothing makes it onto the site or into a bottle without Todd giving the OK. He’s also a logistical mastermind, problem solver, and former CPA that keeps Susie from blowing their budget on Wagyu. He also loves to lay down sick tracks on his guitar and run super long distances.

Jill Kaufusi

Digital Marketing

Jill is a true blue cat mom (and human mom) who spends her free time riding bikes and taking naps. She earned her Bachelor degree in Public Relations and marketing and loves social media marketing almost as much as she loves cats.

Alex Hatfield

Video Editor

Hailing from Utah, Alex has been in the film industry for 9 years. Although he specializes in editing he also writes and directs. His hobbies include, soccer, cooking and advocating for more Taste Test Todd.

Lloyd Grimm

Content Writer

When Lloyd isn’t writing content for the website, he can likely be found on the sidelines of some youth sporting event with his wife Aubri as they wrangle their many offspring. His interests include music, cooking, and the free time afforded when people cancel plans last minute.

Ryan Neeley

Marketing Director

Ryan has spent the last 10+ years in the grilling/BBQ industry, where he loves to see products transition from development to the hands of the Backyard BBQ Hero. He finds true fulfillment in seeing people elevate their BBQ game using Hey Grill Hey products. His daily involvement revolves around delivering the best quality products Hey Grill Hey has to offer its customers. While he enjoys all types of food, his passions extend to outdoor activities like biking, running, hunting, and skiing. However, any activity is best when shared with his family.

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Practice Makes Smokin’ Hot BBQ

It’s taken a lot of time, patience, and mistakes (sooo many mistakes), but I’ve come a long way from those early days of figuring out how to grill.

Over the past decade, my name and business has grown to be synonymous with good BBQ. I’ve appeared on Food Network in a handful of shows, taught BBQ classes to thousands, judged competition BBQ, and achieved two separate Guinness World Records.

Hey Grill Hey is now a full-time family business, with my husband and I working hard with our awesome staff to grow the company to include a full line of rubs, sauces, and grilling gadgets. Our website sees over 2 million views each month, and we even have an app and a private membership club to help everyone become a backyard BBQ hero.

Sliced sirloin steak on black serving platter with salt flakes.

Join the Grill Squad

The Grill Squad is our exclusive membership program that will transform bland cookouts into booming barbecues that you’ll remember for a lifetime. The technique and skills you learn will bring your backyard cookouts to a new level. For the cost of a full brisket, you’ll get annual access to an exclusive BBQ community, Pitmaster Classes, discounts, and much much more!