Hey Grill, Heeeyyy!

Image of Susie Bulloch

I’m Susie, and I started my career in BBQ several years ago when a neighbor asked me to help write and develop recipes for his company’s brand new blog.

That company turned out to be one of the biggest wood-fired grill manufacturers around and I was slightly apprehensive. I had a lot of experience eating meat (my family owned a steakhouse that I worked at) but not a ton of experience with grilling, especially over a wood fire.

In fact, the only grill I had access to at that time was a free propane piece of work that I got off of Craigslist. So…. yes. Apprehensive is a good word. But I said yes anyways and started on the path that would become my passion and change my life.

My approach has always been to remove the guesswork and intimidation factor from grilling and smoking. Each of my recipes are written for myself, 7 years ago, when I first lit a fire and tossed a big piece of meat on the grill.

This approach has served me well over the years and I’ve been incredibly blessed with so many opportunities to expand my skills. I’ve appeared on TV to share my recipes, taught BBQ and grilling classes to hundreds, got my name on two separate grilling Guinness World Records.

The accomplishment that I’m the most proud of, however, is the benefits my family have received since starting this site. In late 2017, my husband was able to quit his full time CPA gig and start working on the website with me. We’re now proud to be running our own small family business together and are incredibly grateful to each one of you that spend a little bit of time here and sharing these recipes with your loved ones.

None of this would be possible without you. THANK YOU!!!

While you’re here, I hope you find a new recipe or get some inspiration for a dish all your own and then get outside and cook something amazing!

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