15+ Mouthwatering Ribs Recipes

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A go-to recipe for ribs is a must for any aspiring backyard BBQ hero. Whether you prefer smoky baby backs or saucy St. Louis-style, you’re sure to find your next tender, fall-off-the-bone favorite among these mouthwatering ribs recipes.

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Mouthwatering Ribs Recipes

Juicy and bursting with flavor, pork ribs are the ultimate addition to your BBQ arsenal. Whether you prefer them fall-off-the-bone tender or with a bit of bite, slathered or dry-rubbed to perfection, the versatility of ribs means there’s a style you’re sure to love.

Baby Back Ribs Recipes

Baby back ribs, prized for their tender meat, are consistently a crowdpleaser. Indeed, these lean cuts come from the upper portion of the pig’s rib cage and consequently offer a perfect balance of meat and fat. Moreover, from classic BBQ flavors to innovative taste combinations, these recipes demonstrate why baby backs have become a staple of BBQ joints everywhere. Furthermore, their versatility allows for a wide range of culinary creativity, making them a favorite among both home cooks and professional chefs alike.

321 style ribs sliced and stacked on cutting board.

321 Ribs

My 321 Ribs are not just a recipe, they’re also my personal favorite method for smoking ribs. With this method you’ll smoke your ribs for 3 hours, braise them for 2 hours, then finish with some sauce for 1 hour. Master this method and the possibilities are endless.


Apple Jalapeño recipe ribs on platter topped with sliced jalapeños.

Apple Jalapeño Smoked Ribs

These Apple Jalapeño Smoked Ribs are absolutely delicious and melt-in-your-mouth tender. Notably, the jalapeños add the most amazing flavor with just a kiss of heat. As a result, sweet and spicy come together in a magical union, making these unique ribs a must-try dish.


Maple Bourbon Glaze pouring onto rack on grill grates.

Maple Bourbon Smoked Ribs

Maple Bourbon Smoked Ribs are simply bursting with boozy flavor. Slow smoked, braised with a maple bourbon marinade, and then glazed with a maple bourbon glaze, these ribs are sinfully good.


Sliced ribs drizzled with sauce on wooden platter.

Dr. Pepper Smoked Ribs

These Dr. Pepper Smoked Ribs are seasoned, smoked, then sauced with layers of delicious Dr. Pepper flavor. They’re super sweet with just a kiss of heat, and everything you love in a sticky lick-your-fingers rib.


Full rack on grill grates with Whiskey Peach Sauce being poured on.

Whiskey Peach Smoked Baby Back Ribs

These Whiskey Peach Smoked Baby Back Ribs are slow-smoked, then smothered in whiskey peach BBQ sauce for the ultimate pork rib. These guys are a classic fall-off-the-bone, sweet and tender rib to please every member of the family.


Memphis dry rub being sprinkled onto raw rack on baking sheet.

Memphis Style Dry Rub Ribs

These Memphis Style Dry Rub Ribs are smoky and tender, with a perfect amount of seasoning from my homemade Memphis dry rub, they bring all the flavor Memphis BBQ is famous for. Put this recipe in your rib rotation and thank me later.


Full rack and sliced rack of ribs from the grill on a wooden cutting board.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs

These Grilled Baby Back Ribs are for a summer BBQ. They’re infused with classic BBQ flavor and are ready in a few hours’ time. If you’re on the hunt for the best recipe for baby back ribs on the grill, then this is the one for you.


Sliced Asian style ribs next to cup of BBQ sauce.

Smoked Asian Style Ribs

These Smoked Asian Style Ribs are sweet and sticky, and the perfect combination of Asian flavors and traditional American-style BBQ techniques. Warm aromatic spices pair beautifully with wood smoke to create these sweet and tangy sticky ribs.


St. Louis Ribs Recipes

St. Louis ribs, renowned for their meaty texture and rich flavor, are undoubtedly a BBQ delight. Firstly, these trimmed spare ribs offer a rectangular shape that is ideal for even cooking. Additionally, due to their higher fat content, St. Louis ribs deliver a juicy, succulent bite that is hard to resist. Furthermore, the following recipes showcase why they’ve become a favorite among both competition pitmasters and backyard cooks alike. In fact, their popularity stems not only from their taste but also from their versatility in various cooking methods.

Sliced ribs topped with peach slices, next to cinnamon sticks.

Fireball Peach Smoked Ribs

When you’re ready for the most sweet and fiery ribs you’ll ever have, then you must try these Fireball Peach Smoked Ribs. They’re the perfect combo of succulent, spicy, and savory. If you’re looking to bring a little kick to the BBQ, then these are the ribs for you.


Stacked ribs drizzled with glaze.

Low and Slow Ribs (No Wrap)

If you’re looking for the full BBQ experience, then these Low and Slow Ribs are always worth waiting for. Grab a drink and some friends, because the experience you have while cooking these low and slow ribs is almost as fun as eating them.


Pork rind crusted ribs on cutting board.

Pork Rind Crusted Ribs with BuffaQue Sauce

My Pork Rind Crusted Ribs are the perfect blend of smoky tender ribs with a sweet and spicy crunch. With a spicy, tangy Buffalo sauce, these ribs are the perfect complement to any backyard BBQ, while bringing a little something extra.


Ribs on the grill being basted with sauce.

Ribs on the Grill (Hot and Fast Ribs)

If you don’t have time to wait for your ribs on the smoker all day, then my Hot and Fast Ribs on the Grill are exactly what you’re looking for. Cooking ribs on the grill doesn’t have to be an all-day affair, and these ribs are great in a time crunch.


Sliced St. Louis ribs on cutting board.

Smoked St. Louis Ribs

My Smoked St. Louis Ribs give you a classic smoked rib taste with a perfect bite-through texture. These ribs are sprinkled with a classic brown sugar-based seasoning before getting a nice long smoke and a BBQ sauce slather. This recipe is the epitome of “simple is best.”


Spare Ribs Recipes

Spare ribs, long cherished for their robust flavor and generous meat-to-bone ratio, are undeniably a true BBQ classic. Moreover, these larger cuts from the pig’s belly offer a perfect balance of meat and fat, making them a favorite among rib enthusiasts. As a result of their rich taste and tender texture, spare ribs have become a go-to choice for those seeking a hearty, satisfying rib experience. Additionally, their versatility in cooking methods and flavor profiles ensures that they remain a staple in BBQ cuisine. In fact, many pitmasters consider spare ribs to be the ultimate test of their smoking skills.

Crispy Sticky Smoked Spareribs smoking on the grill.

Crispy Sticky Smoked Spareribs

These Crispy Sticky Smoked Spareribs are sweet and perfectly messy with a great smoky flavor. After a long smoke, these spareribs are then dunked in a sweet and fruity cherry glaze. You get that classic BBQ flavor highlighted by bright, sweet notes of tart cherry.


Ribs stacked in a pile.

Low and Slow Smoked Spare Ribs

Low and Slow Smoked Spare Ribs are a staple on BBQ restaurant menus because they are flavorful, juicy, and simple to prep. Keep things easy with a classic dry rub and a low and slow smoke. Put these on mid-morning and you’ll have perfect ribs by dinner.


Sliced smoked orange ribs on cutting board.

Smoked Orange Ribs

These Smoked Orange Ribs are the most amazing fusion of Asian-inspired flavors and good, classic BBQ. If you love smoked ribs and sticky orange chicken, you’ll fall head over heels in love with these orange ribs.


The Best Sauces and Rubs for Ribs

Finally, no rib is complete without the perfect seasoning. Whether you prefer a sticky, finger-licking sauce or a flavorful dry rub, the right combination of spices and flavors will take your ribs from good to unforgettable.

Pile of homemade seasoning with metal scoop.

Homemade Recipes

If you love to customize your flavors, then these homemade sauce and rub recipes offer endless possibilities. Additionally, from sweet and tangy to spicy and bold, these DIY options allow you to tailor your rib experience to your exact taste preferences.

Bottle of sauce and bottle of rub with rack of ribs and sides on serving platter.

Hey Grill Hey Rib Favorites

If you’re short on time but still want great flavor, I’ve got a selection of sauces and rubs in the Hey Grill Hey store to bring the taste of BBQ right to your backyard. Moreover, these flavor-packed products provide you with a convenient way to achieve that authentic, homemade taste.

Even More Recipes for Ribs

If you’re looking for even more incredible recipes for tender, juicy ribs, then you need to check out the Hey Grill Hey app. No matter what style or flavor profile you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a home run your family will love. Indeed, this is a must-have tool for all backyard BBQ heroes.

Sliced ribs with bottles or sauce and rub on platter.

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