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All of my turkey recipes in one place! It’s that time of year when the families start gathering and the food is plentiful! I dare say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not all of the stress of some of the other holidays, and definitely more food! I mean… the entire holiday is centered around a meal. And at the center of that meal?? The TURKEY! I’ve been a designated turkey recipe provider for years now, and I am sharing all I know with you! Let’s make this the Thanksgiving everybody talks about years later.

The Ultimate Guide to Smoked Turkey: Step By Step Instructions

Smoked Turkey 101!

If you’re looking for a low and slow BBQ bird this year, you can start and end your search right here. This post details absolutely everything you need to know to churn out an outstanding smoked turkey.

Apple Spice Brined Turkey


Want to Brine A Turkey?

If you like a soft and tender turkey with super juicy meat and some additional fall flavors, check out this Apple Spice Brine Recipe! Not too sweet, not too savory, and perfectly plump and juicy!


Spatchcock Smoked Turkey

Spatchcocked Turkey

Spatchcocking is all the rage right now, and for great reason! More even cooking between the breasts and thighs means a juicier turkey all around. This recipe uses an herbed butter under the skin for traditional Thanksgiving flavors with extra crunchy skin!


Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turkey Roulade

Turkey Recipe for a Smaller Crowd

Want a smaller version of this holiday favorite? Don’t miss this ridiculously delicious Bacon Wrapped Turkey Roulade with a Sausage and Cherry Stuffing

Do you just wish somebody would take a half hour and just walk you through the whole process, share their tips, and help you navigate the perfect turkey? Well… consider it done. Literally. I did it yesterday during my weekly Facebook Live.
Click the play button above to be taken to the video and watch the replay!

Gear & Gadgets for Perfect Turkeys

Toss out that pop-up button timer (they never work right anyways) and get an accurate thermometer. Check your turkey in 4 different points (both breasts and both thighs) without touching to bone to make sure you get a correct temperature reading.
I love my Thermoworks ThermoPop ($29, shown aboveand my Thermoworks MK4 ($99). Both provide an accurate, digital readout, are available in a variety of colors and travel easily if you’re taking Thanksgiving on the road this year.