Leftover Prime Rib

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French dips, Philly cheesesteaks, beef stews: there’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to using leftover prime rib. With this guide, you’ll discover all the best methods for making savory prime rib, as well as how to make the most of those delicious leftovers.

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Leftover Prime Rib

So, you overdid it a little. You picked out your favorite Hey Grill Hey prime rib recipe for a big event, you got excited, and then you made way too much. Don’t blame yourself, we’ve all been there. And here’s the good part, you don’t have a problem. What you’ve got, my BBQ heroes, is an opportunity for even more tender, juicy, beefy goodness. This guide has everything you need here to cook up some of the most mouth-watering and creative leftover prime rib recipes you can imagine.

If you’re new to the BBQ game, then don’t worry. Included are several of the top Hey Grill Hey recipes for preparing prime rib, even if you’re making it in your kitchen. Of course, you’ll want to have some amazing sides for your prime rib. Half the fun of creating prime rib leftovers is all the eating you get to do on the way. And of course, we’ve got you covered with several ways to enjoy leftover prime rib, and some condiments for it that’ll make you wish you skip right past dinner. First, let’s make some prime rib.

Savory Prime Rib Recipes to Create Leftovers

Before we dive into how to use your tender, juicy prime rib leftovers, let’s talk about how to get them. There are a lot of different methods for making perfect prime rib, and all of them have their benefits. Here are some of the best ways to cook prime rib, including some delicious recipes for each.

On the Smoker

If you love making prime rib on the smoker, then you’ve got a tough decision ahead of you. That’s because you’ve got 3 different, but equally amazing, smoked prime rib recipes to choose from. Whichever recipe you choose, rest assured your prime rib will come out tender and juicy inside with a delicious, crusty exterior.

Smoked garlic butter prime rib sliced on serving platter.

Smoked Garlic Butter Prime Rib

Indulge in the ultimate prime rib experience with this garlic butter-slathered, slow-smoked masterpiece. Infused with the rich flavors of garlic, rosemary, and thyme, then seared for a perfect crust, this melt-in-your-mouth roast is a true showstopper. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible taste and texture.


Smoked prime rib roast on serving platter.

Smoked Prime Rib Roast

Make your prime rib with incredible smoky flavor using this simple method. Coated in a zesty garlic mustard mixture and slow-smoked to juicy perfection, this roast is then seared for a perfectly caramelized crust. The result is a savory, flavorful prime rib that’s hard to resist.


Stuffed prime rib on serving platter.

Garlic Herb Stuffed Prime Rib

Turn your taste buds inside out with this stuffed prime rib. Filled with a savory garlic herb butter and spinach mixture, then cooked low and slow over flavorful smoke, it’s a stunning centerpiece that’s sure to impress your guests. The perfect blend of rich, savory flavors in every bite.


On the Grill

Don’t worry, grill masters, we didn’t forget you either. It’s time to unleash your inner BBQ hero and conquer the mighty prime rib on your grill. Season that gorgeous roast with my signature Beef Rub, then let the sizzling heat of the grill work its magic. And then, of course, enjoy the credit from your guests.

Grilled prime rib in a skillet.

Prime Rib on the Grill

If you love making things on the grill, then you came to the right place. This grilled prime rib is studded with garlic cloves and seasoned with my Beef Rub. Slow-roasted on the rotisserie, it results in a perfectly medium-rare, juicy, and tender roast that’s flavor to the core.


Conventional Oven

If the weather outside is less than BBQ friendly, or you just want to take on this classic in a more traditional way, Hey Grill Hey has you covered. You don’t need a fancy grill to create out-of-this-world prime rib. You can easily make any of the recipes available in the Hey Grill Hey app in your oven, but this one is tailor made for creating a genuine prime rib experience right in your kitchen.

Classic sliced prime rib on wooden serving platter.

Perfect Prime Rib Roast

Craving a talk-of-the-party classic for your next holiday gathering? It’s got garlic, it’s got butter, it’s got that crispy bark you can’t live without. If they have prime rib on the menu in Heaven, this is what comes out on the plate when you order it.


Best Sides for Prime Rib

No prime rib feast is complete without a lineup of delectable side dishes. From creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes to crisp, tender asparagus, the right sides can make for an unforgettable meal. Here are some of the best sides to pair perfectly with prime rib:

Smoked masked potatoes in skillet.

How to Use Prime Rib Leftovers

First and foremost, leftover prime rib is delicious as is, simply reheated. Susie’s personal favorite way to reheat prime rib is using a sous vide, because it comes out just as tender, fresh, and delicious as it does right off the smoker. If, however, you’re full of straight prime rib, here are some ideas on how to make your meat go even further.

French dip sandwich with cup of au jus.

Smoked French Dip Sandwich

Craving a hearty, satisfying sandwich? Look no further than these French dip sandwiches loaded with leftover smoked prime rib, creamy Havarti cheese, and a zesty horseradish sauce. Served with a savory au jus for dipping, it’s a crave-worthy meal.


Philly cheesesteak sandwiches on butcher paper.

Philly Cheesteak on the Griddle

Give your leftover prime rib a new lease on life by turning it into these ooey-gooey Philly-style sandwiches. Tender meat, sautéed peppers and onions, all piled high on a toasted hoagie roll.


Beef stew in bowl next to dinner bread and greens.

Hearty Beef Stew

Cozy up with a comforting bowl of beef stew, made extra special with chunks of leftover prime rib. This rich, flavorful stew is loaded with veggies and tender, juicy beef.


More Ways to Enjoy Leftover Prime Rib

Leftover prime rib is super versatile, so it can be used in a variety of dishes. Slice it thin and then use it in tacos with your favorite toppings, or add it to a hearty chili for an extra boost of beefy flavor. And let’s not forget about breakfast. Leftover prime rib makes an incredible addition to your morning hash or omelet. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to leftover prime rib recipes.

Prime Rib Condiments

When it comes to serving up a prime rib that’ll have your guests coming back for more, the right sauces and condiments are key. Two classic options that always deliver are a savory, homemade au jus and a zesty, creamy horseradish sauce. These sauces complement the rich flavor of the beef and add an extra layer of deliciousness to your meal.

Au jus sauce in white cup pouring onto prime rib slices.

Homemade Au Jus

Rich, flavorful, and deliciously satisfying, this dipping sauce is a great choice for roast beef lovers. With savory beef stock, red wine, and a dash of Worcestershire, it complements your favorite beef dishes nicely.


Horseradish sauce on plate with beef.

Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Tangy, zesty, and delightfully creamy, this sauce is a fantastic addition to your favorite beef dishes. With grated horseradish, sour cream, and a touch of dijon mustard, it adds a flavorful kick that pairs well with roasts and sandwiches. 


(Pit)Master the Fine Art of Prime Rib

If you’re serious about mastering smoked prime rib, then, trust us, you’ve got to head over to The Grill Squad. Susie herself hosts an in-depth course on smoking prime rib, where she covers everything you’ll need. With videos, picture guides, workbooks, and more, you’ll become a prime rib Pitmaster.

Susie from Hey Grill Hey holding a platter of smoked meat.

If you’re already a prime rib pro, and you’re looking to invest in your next favorite grill or smoker, then you need to check out Hey Grill Hey’s Grill Guide. The Hey Grill Hey team has reviews for all the latest and greatest in BBQ tech, as well as the tried and true classics. We cover all varieties of backyard grills, smokers, and so much more. This is a must for anyone looking to lay down some big BBQ bucks.

More Leftover Prime Rib Recipes

If you want even more inspiration on how to use your savory prime rib leftovers, then make sure to check out the Hey Grill Hey app. It’s loaded with over 600 more creative BBQ recipes, so the possibilities for using this smoky beef are endless. Plus, you can create shopping lists and meal plans on the go, so it’s perfect for finding perfect prime rib sides and delicious condiments. Get it here:

At Hey Grill Hey, helping you make better BBQ to feed the people you love is our mission. If you haven’t already, then follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Susie is always sharing useful tips and hacks to help you up your prime rib and BBQ game.

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