Smoked Jerk Chicken Wings

September 4, 2015

Smoked jerk chicken wings are the wings you never knew you needed! Smoky, spicy, and incredibly tender, these finger-licking-good jerk chicken wings will disappear off of your party table so fast!

Smoked Jerk Chicken Wings


As we head into prime football watching season, I’m planning to hook you up with the best of the best tailgating recipes and tasty finger foods from here until the final whistle. One of the first things that comes to mind when I think finger licking food is chicken wings! Hopefully you’ve tried the Ultimate Smoked Buffalo Wings (game changer.) Now you can branch out a little bit and give my smoked jerk chicken wings a try! These are so much more than just shaking a bottle of jerk seasoning on wings.

Jamaican Jerk Smoked Chicken Wings


These smoked jerk chicken wings are seasoned with a perfectly balanced blend of savory spice and cooked low and slow on the smoker to add amazing depth of flavor, but the recipe can be followed by baking the wings in the oven (if you must.) The secret ingredient is the pickled peppers. Combined with the fresh green onions, ginger, and garlic create a beautifully acidic and fresh sauce for the wings that will just blow your mind. The jerk seasoning adds in those vibrant flavors that really marry the whole sauce together. I like to use Caribeque’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, but you can sub with your favorite brand! I like to make 3 or 4 different types of wings every time I’m cooking a batch, and these fly off of the tray first every single time. Hope you love them!

Jerk Chicken Wings on the Smoker

smoked jerk chicken wings

Smoked Jerk Chicken Wings

These wings are seasoned with a perfectly balanced blend of savory spice and cooked low and slow on the smoker to add amazing depth of flavor, but the recipe can be followed by baking the wings in the oven (if you must.)
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Prep Time : 10 mins
Cook Time : 1 hr
Total Time : 9 hrs 10 mins
Servings : 8 people



  • 1 cup green onions (roughly chopped)
  • 1/4 cup pickled jalapenos (more if you like additional spice)
  • 1 1 inch knob fresh ginger (peeled)
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 3 tbsp Jamaican jerk seasoning
  • 3 tbsp cooking oil
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 4 lbs chicken wings


  • Add all ingredients for the marinade in a blender or food processor. Process until fully combined. Add water one tablespoon at a time while the blender is on until the marinade reaches a smooth consistency.
  • In a gallon zip top bar or large glass bowl, pour the marinade directly over the chicken wings. Cover and refrigerate 8 hours, or overnight.
  • When you're ready to cook, start up your smoker (or oven) and try to keep the temperature around 200 degrees. Once your grill/oven is up to temperature, place the wings directly on the grill grate or on a metal cooling rack over a cookie sheet. You don't want the wings to cook sitting in their own juices or the skin will be soggy instead of crisp. Shake on some additional jerk seasoning before closing the door, if you like.
  • Flip wings over every 30 minutes. Allow the wings to cook for a total of 1 1/2 hours. The wings will be brown and crispy and the internal temperature should read 165-170 degrees F. Serve with a side of ranch dressing/sour cream/Greek yogurt to cool the heat a little and garnish with additional sliced green onions.
    grilled and sauced chicken wings served on a plate with a bowl of ranch
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14 thoughts on “Smoked Jerk Chicken Wings

  1. Hey Susie, the Jerk Chicken Wings are great! The recipe did not note whether the cooking method is direct or indirect. Cooking on a pellet grill (MAK) with indirect heat I found 200 degrees to be too low to brown. I ramped up the temp about halfway through, eventually reaching 325, and all was well. I’m assuming the recipe was intended for direct heat. Just thought I’d share my experience.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Garry! I did cook them indirect on my pellet grill (Traeger) and they browned up like in the picture, but I’m glad you were able to increase the heat to get the crisp you wanted! I’m going to go edit the recipe to note my cooking method and your notes! Thanks again.

  2. I seem to be having trouble getting a good texture on my wings,the skin is coming out rubbery ,I was cooking them at 240 for 2 and a half hrs, is my temp and length of cook time my problem? someone suggested thet I keep the wings uncovered in the fridge over night to draw the moisture out,it did not help.i am also cooking on a pellet smoker

    1. Hey Joe- if you’re smoking wings and want a crispier texture, you can crank up the temperature the last 10 minutes to crisp the skin. Smoking for a long time tends to dry out the skin and make it rubbery, you need a higher temperature to get that crispiness.

      1. Joe, I will put them in the fridge on a cookie sheet for about 2 hours before smoking, it removes the excess moisture from the skin which is where the rubbery texture comes from

  3. There are many brands of jerk seasoning and some are not good at all. I trust your judgement. Can you recommend one?

  4. There is something badly missing – marinade for smoking and no salt and sugar added? In fact, salt is not mentioned anywhere in the recipe. Overload of jalapenos too.

    1. I’m curious if you actually tried this recipe before giving a review. These are marinaded prior to smoking and there is plenty of salt in the jerk seasoning you shouldn’t need to add any additional unless you choose to. Also, if you aren’t a jalapeno fan, go with something else.

  5. Awesome recipe adding the jalapenos is the icing on the wing. If you don’t like this recipe you just don’t like jerk seasoning. I ramp up the heat at the end to get them crispy. My preferred jerk seasoning is walkerwood (with scotchbonets), or Graice’s (best hotsauce ever). I’m trying “the shizzle” today. I like the wetjerk seasoning over the dry. I’ve used peach, cherry and applewood. All with great results. Again, killer recipe.

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