jack'd up smoked meatloaf

Jack’d Up Smoked Meatloaf

Jack’d Up Smoked Meatloaf gets it’s name from the insane amount of Jack going on inside! This meatloaf is insanely moist because of the Jack Daniels in the meat, ridiculously

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Loaded Breakfast Nachos

Loaded Breakfast Nachos are like two worlds colliding in a tasty skillet 0′ cheesy chips, meat, and eggs. Perfect runny eggs, crisp toasty chips, and all the melty cheese you

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smoky salted caramel creme brulee

Smoky Salted Caramel Creme Brulee

Smoky Salted Caramel Creme Brulee is the recipe¬†you need to try if you’ve ever been curious about smoked desserts! Creme brulee is one of my husband’s favorite desserts, and one

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green chili pork fatty

Green Chile Pork Fatty

My Green Chile Pork Fatty is literally bursting at the bacon seams with creamy, cheesy, chile filled goodness! I think a good fatty is a landmark recipe for any burgeoning

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home cured corned beef

Home Cured Corned Beef Recipe

This Home Cured Corned Beef has all of the instructions you need to make corned beef on your own! Often people assume that cured meats are difficult to do at

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