April 17, 2015

Hey all! I’m super excited about my new series, Feature Friday, where I tell you all about a new restaurant, ingredient, accessory, blog, etc. that has caught my eye. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to share everything I’ve learned with anybody who will listen. Pretty much if I think it is awesome, I want you to know about it! Some of these posts may be sponsored, but I would never put my name behind any person or product if I didn’t think it was worth your time and attention. With all that aside, it’s time to introduce my first ever Feature Friday!store front

BAM BAM’S BBQ in Orem, Ut.

Many months before starting Hey Grill, Hey was even an idea in my crazy brain, I started eating at Bam Bam’s. My husband and his co-workers went there for lunch monthly (at least that’s what he told me, it was probably weekly) and he would regularly braaaaaag about the brisket and turkey. He would tell me really outlandish stories like, “We have guys that go to Texas and BBQ crawl and they’ve all said Bam Bam’s brisket is even better than theirs.” I honestly didn’t believe him.IMG_9726

Utah hasn’t historically been known for killer, old school BBQ and I admit I was a little skeptical. Afraid it wouldn’t live up to all the hype, I put off eating there for way too long. By the time I made it to Bam Bam’s I was just ready to get the meal over with, check it off the list of places I’d been meaning to try, and move on.IMG_9723Annnnnnnd then I walked in. The long, communal tables with big plastic BBQ sauce bottles and wet wipes felt perfectly comfortable. Like a backyard BBQ with family and friends. There aren’t many small tables, and I wouldn’t sit there anyways. I’d rather hang out with people and strike up a conversation. As you walk up the the counter, there’s an entire wall of pictures and awards that Cameron Treu (owner and pit boss) has amassed during his BBQ career. The dude won a Grand Championship while competing in the KCBS circuit. So impressive.


There is a huge chalkboard with handwritten menu items: classic smoked meat (brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausages, smoked turkey) sold by the 1/2 lb (or more, or less), sandwich specials with a side and a drink (awesome lunch value), and Bam Bam’s famous Swachos (smoked meats atop a huge pile of tortilla chips and melty cheese sauce).IMG_9722


As you approach the counter and place your order, every piece of meat is hand sliced to order on these beautiful butcher blocks. The meat is piled high on trays lined with butcher paper in true Texas BBQ fashion. Some people don’t like this. They think they need plates or something.IMG_9733

Believe me, you’ll eat that food so fast and with so much pleasure you won’t care what it is served on. If you’re hankering for sides, ask for the “Ty-fecta” and then tell them that it is all 3 sides in one tray. Coleslaw, potato salad, and beans. Trust me, it all works together. We are trying to brainwash the counter employees into naming this particular side after my hub’s coworker.IMG_9744

Out of everything we have tried, I can’t recommend the brisket enough. It is the most tender, moist, melt in your mouth piece of beef I’ve ever had. True Texas BBQ perfection. There are two different cuts to a brisket, the point and the flat. The flat is leaner and less intensely juicy. Every time we are in, we specifically request the “fatty” brisket that is cut from the point. This isn’t traditional fatty beef where you cut around the fat gristle. This is slow cooked, perfectly marbled brisket and the fat cooks down to the perfect point where it all just melts into tasty meat glory in your mouth. Do yourself a favor and get the fatty brisket.

I am still kicking myself for not eating here sooner. I think of all those missed months of brisket magic and I want to cry. The smoked turkey sandwich is also on point. Pulled pork and ribs are both solid, but if I’m going in for BBQ I just can’t keep my hands off the brisket long enough to eat much else.


Take your steaming tray of beautiful food to your table and tuck in. Look around for the sauce. You should see three. There is a dark, sweet, rich sauce that some people love with beef. I think it’s a little heavy, and I’m not big on strong sauces with smoked meats (personal preference). There is also a thinner vinegar sauce. Pour this stuff all over your “Ty-fecta”. It also really accentuates the pulled pork if you like vinegar based sauce. The third and final sauce is the hands down winner. I don’t know if it has a name, but we call it “super special brisket sauce” We dump a massive amount in the corner of our tray the second we sit down and it lasts about 5 seconds before we need to re-load. It is sweet, tangy, not too heavy, and perfectly complements everything they serve.IMG_9735

Oh, and don’t forget the napkins and wet wipes on the table. You’ll need them.

So if you can’t already tell, we give Bam Bam’s 2 very messy, BBQ sauce covered thumbs up. Check it out for lunch and grab a brisket or turkey sandwich combo (did I mention they are served on the most amazing rolls from a local bakery?). If you’re going for dinner, try 1/4 lb of everything (especially the brisket) and get a jalapeno cheddar sausage link or go crazy and grab a huge helping of Swachos.IMG_9721

Whatever you decide, make sure to grab one of his specialty sodas from the fridge in front of the counter or get some Apple Beer on tap. This guy thought of everything. Oh, and if you’re going don’t forget to invite me. And if I can’t come with, tell them I sent you.

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