Tri Tip

Sliced coffee rub tri tip on a striped wooden cutting board.
Smoked Coffee Rub Tri Tip
Tri tip cooked like a brisket sliced and arranged on peach butcher paper next to pickles, onions, BBQ sauce, and sliced jalapenos.
Tri Tip Cooked Like a Brisket
Grilled Tri Tip
Grilled Pierogies with Steak and Chimichurri
smoked shrimp
Surf and Turf Recipes
smoked tri tip
Smoked Tri Tip
tri tip chili cheeseburger
Tri-Tip Chili Cheeseburger

Recent Recipes

Smoked snack mix in a hinged glass mason jar with a baking dish of snack mix in the background.
Sweet and Spicy Smoked Snack Mix
Sliced beef rump roast on a wooden cutting board next to fresh herbs.
Garlic Studded Smoked Rump Roast
Smoked pulled pork mac and cheese being pulled out of a cast iron skillet with a wooden spoon.
Smoked Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese