Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Review

January 18, 2018

It’s time for a SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Review! You all know I’m proudly sponsored by Camp Chef because after using their products side by side with my other pellet grills, I knew I had found a brand I was eager to share with my readers and felt confident promoting. Camp Chef sent me their brand spanking new SmokePro SG Pellet Grill to try out and to review and they specifically asked me to be completely honest-the good the bad, all of it. So here goes!

Camp Chef SG Pellet Grill Review

Camp Chef SmokePro SG Features

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I can’t help myself when it comes to Camp Chef’s new releases. I’ve previously written both a Woodwind pellet grill review as well as the DLX Pellet Grill review. You can read each of those reviews and see my opinions on the overall construction quality and customer satisfaction. For this review, I am going to focus on my favorite new features that the SG pellet grill brings to the table (there are a lot!!) and how they can help you improve your overall grilling experience. Here are the stats for the SG and below I’ll talk you through some of my favorites.

-Ash Cleanout System
-Dual Stainless Temperature Probes
-Stainless Steel Firebox
-160-500 degrees F temperature range
-Slide and Grill Technology
-Size: 811 sq in.
-Volume: 4,850 cubic inches (translation: more pork butts, 2 turkeys, double the briskets, at least 6 racks of ribs, etc.)
-Color: Available in black or bronze color options.
-25,000 BTU of wood-fired heat
-23 pound capacity hopper

Camp Chef SG Grill Grates

Camp Chef SG Pellet Grill Grates

Let’s start with the obvious… the size!! Compared to the DLX, this SG has a massive amount of grill grate real estate. Not only is there a larger main grill surface, there is also an included split second rack that doubles the usable grill space. Most grills offer a second warming rack, but it goes unused because it either doesn’t get enough heat or it simply gets in the way. The second rack on the SG totally solves both of those problems.

Since the SG is a convection grill, there is heat constantly circulating and reaching that upper rack. The rack also splits and slides out of the way, letting you have full access to the grates below. Basically, this one design feature had me giddy. OH!! And the fact that the main grill rack is also split into two smaller racks. That’s right. They come out of the grill and FIT IN MY DISHWASHER. My heart. It is beyond happy.

BONUS FEATURE- Camp Chef also just released cast iron grill grates that fit this grill. They simply swap out and you’re good to go. You know I’m all about cast iron and I think having that heat retention in the grates itself is a huge plus.

Slide and Grill Technology – Indirect Cooking/Direct Flame Mode

Camp Chef SG Review of Direct Sear

Are you ready for the awesomeness that is the new drip tray? With the pull of a knob, you can change your indirect heat drip tray to a direct wood fired flame mode. I also have the Sear Box accessory and think that is still the best way to git a nice crusty sear on a steak, but I love the options that the direct flame mode gives me. It’s incredibly versatile and adds a ton in terms of flavor.

Second note about the new drip tray, please be cautious. Any time you have direct access to a fire and fat in your food you run the risk of a flare up. If you have anything that is exceptionally fatty and that has dripped on the drip tray, clean it thoroughly before opening the direct heat access. I grilled up some fatty rib eyes and had absolutely no problem, but it’s just something to keep an eye on. It’s always a good idea to clean your grill well before grilling anyways, this is just an extra reminder.

Camp Chef SG Size and Stature

New Camp Chef SG Pellet Grill Review

The final quality that pushed this grill from “another pellet grill” to the premier grill on my patio is the overall size and stature of the grill itself. These legs are like tree trunks. Thick, sturdy, and built to last. Just ask my husband, Todd. He was wheeling the grill around a corner for me and accidentally set one of the legs down on his toe. Whoops! His toe is fine, but he had many choice words to say about those thick legs. Haha.

Camp Chef SG Pellet Grill Hopper

I also absolutely couldn’t stop smiling when I emptied an ENTIRE 20 pound bag of pellets into the hopper and they fit with room to spare. The pellet hopper alone feels like a huge, luxurious upgrade to the pellet grills of my past. I bet this hopper of pellets would last me through a full brisket cook without any need to refill.

Any negatives?

Overall, I think this is an awesome grill that will last you a long time and is packed with useful features that will improve your overall grilling experience. There are a few things that I personally won’t use a ton, but maybe they will tickle your fancy (we all have our own styles, after all).

SmokePro SG Controller

The included temperature probes on the new controller. All in all, this controller is completely awesome. Upgraded design, fantastic temperature control, and two temperature probes. I like to use my own thermometers (I am a self-declared thermometer hoarder) so I probably won’t get too much use out of the included probes. If you like to have them built in though, you’ll love it and be thrilled to have two thermometers to monitor multiple foods at once.

Final Verdict: Would I buy it?

In a word, yes. In a second word, absolutely. For the third and forth, without hesitation. I’ve already got quite a collection of grills going on at my house, but this grill is keeping a permanent spot on my patio. There is just something about a grill that feels designed with the user in mind. The features that are included with this grill surpass any pellet grill I’ve used on the market so far. You can smoke, roast, bake, grill, and more and you can do it with the push of a button. I gotta be honest though, as a mom… those dishwasher safe grates sealed the deal. CLICK HERE to see the full specs on the Camp Chef website and get yourself a shiny new grill!!



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41 thoughts on “Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill Review

    1. Hey Michael! Great idea. I have both and love them both. I think they are really comparable in terms of functionality. The Woodwind’s sear box is glorious and I still use it all of the time to hit those super high temperatures. The SG wins in terms of size capacity, both in the pellet hopper and the internal grill space. I love the direct heat technology built into the drip tray and I’ve used it on everything from steaks to burgers and then closed it off for low and slow smoking on some chicken lollipops. Each grill kind of serves their own purpose, so I would think about what you’d be using your grill for most often.

      1. Hello,
        I am new to the whole smoking/BBQ scene. I have a very small Green Mountain smoker right now but find I need more space. I know you’ve said it depends on what you want to do as far as choosing between the Woodwind and the SG but can you give me any pointers because I’m not really sure “what I want to do”. I want to do it all LOL I primarily do briskets, prime rib, turkey, stuffed jalapenos and I’d like to try woodfire pizzas!!

  1. Great to find this site. My SG model is due to be delivered late this week or early next week. It will be my first non gas grill ever. I’m not sure if I should have gotten the seating box. I guess I’ll find out

  2. I see that you prefer the sear box to the direct flame but if I don’t get the sear box, will I be able to have a nice grilling only using the direct flame mode ? Also, I question myself if the direct flame is not useful to grill, why would I get the SG instead of let’s say, the woodwind model ? Thank you !

  3. How do you handle the cleanup of the drip tray on this unit? I am assuming you aren’t foiling it, especially if you pan to use the “grill” capabilities. Does it go in the dishwasher along wit the grates?

    1. The problem with RecTec is that the 6 hear warranty is only for the large “Bull”. The Stampede model would be closer at the 772 with the optional 2nd shelf. The 304 stainless steel is only on the firepot for the Stampede. Worst of all is only a 2 year warranty, which is below industry standards. RecTec builds a good product but the quality is only guaranteed on the larger model. I asked about the warranty and was blown off.

      1. Stampede now has 3 year warranty. It is same quality as Bull 700. I had a Camp Chef and it was a good grill but did not hold temps like RECTEC, which does have a PID control and is WIFI capable

  4. I look for the SmokePro SG36SGX. What yould you think about this one compare to the 24 inches? Can’t fin any reviews anywhere

    1. I have both of those grills and they are really the same grill, just with different capacity. The SGX is a beast, you can fit so much meat on there. The firebox isn’t centered, so you need to keep that in mind while cooking and occasionally rotate your meat, but it is a fantastic grill and you’ll never regret having more space!

  5. The Smoker was defective on the first use. After about an hour on High Smoke the burner turned off, the pellets filled the holder and I had a “Flame” error message. Recycling the unit allowed for about a 20 minute burn then it stopped again. I should have bought the Green Mountain.

  6. So I’ve been reading tons of reviews, but I’m still having trouble nailing down the differences between the Camp Chef Smokepro SG and the Woodwind. Obviously the slide and grill technology vs the searbox. But is that the only difference? Is one a “higher end” and one a “midline”? Or other than the slide and grill tech, are they essentially the same? We’ve definitely narrowed it down to a Camp Chef…just trying to tease out the details to make the best grill choice for our family!

    1. Honestly, they do have many of the same features and you can accomplish the outcome with either. I am a huge fan of the sear box though, I use mine all the time, so I would say go with that feature if you can.

  7. I have the model before this one and the one thing i noticed is it doesn’t seem put out as much smoke as the traeger. Is that just my imagination?

    1. You don’t want to see the smoke, this white smoke is not the smoke you want for meats. You want “blue” smoke. I’ve heard the traeger has a large temperature delta which leads to more white smoke. It gives the appearance of more smoke but may not be adding more flavor.

    1. I don’t know exact, specific differences. Give Camp Chef’s customer service a call! Camp Chef has the best customer service in the business! They will answer all your questions.

  8. So I can buy a Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill (Black) with a sear box add on for $700. Why would I buy the Woodwind for $200 more? I am sure there is a reason, I just can’t find it.

  9. Good day, has anyone tried the SG grill in cold winter temps? How well does it hold the heat?
    I live in Canada, I have used the traeger w/ an insulating blanket, it works “ok”, but isn’t stellar.

  10. Picking my SG today from Lowes. They had it on sale for $555, and I was able to get a sear box for $100 on a local flea market sale. Can’t wait to fire this up and dump my Trager. I have nothing but issues with the Trager jumping in temps and destroying the meat.

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