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posted November 22, 2017

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill Review

It’s time for a Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill Review! I’ve been cooking on my SmokePro LUX (one size bigger) for nearly a year and thought it was time to review the back patio friendly SmokePro DLX. You all know I’m proudly sponsored by Camp Chef because after using their products side by side with my other pellet grills, I knew I had found a brand I was eager to share with my readers and felt confident promoting. Camp Chef sent me a SmokePro DLX to try out and to review and they specifically asked me to be completely honest-the good the bad, all of it. So here goes!

Cap Chef DLX Pellet grill review

SmokePro DLX Price DROP for Christmas!!!

Heading into the holiday season, I’ve had lots of people seeking advice on new grills to give as gifts. Many people are looking in the $500 range as a bigger present during Christmas time and the DLX is right on the money. Normally the DLX ranges from $699-$799. It’s currently ON SALE on Amazon for $499 (including a free $55 grill cover) for the all black or $599 (including free $55 grill cover) for the gorgeous bronze version, or $799 if you want the stainless version with a searbox (the sear box alone retails for $200). And, of course, all of them have FREE SHIPPING!!! In case you didn’t know… I am a little obsessed with a good deal.

SmokePro DLX Features

Like I said, I’ve been grilling on my CampChef SmokePro LUX, 5 times a week, for almost a year. I’m fully converted to the quality that the SmokePro line offers, so when I received my DLX, I expected nothing less than the high quality I am used to. I was not disappointed. The gauge of the steel is heavy and durable. The set-up required two people to maneuver the body safely, but I never fret about extra weight in the body of the smoker. The thicker it is, the better it retains heat and smoke! I found the legs to be sturdy and the wheels to be large and super stable. I have a friend that sells grills professionally and he always tells me that grills need to pass the “shake test” and be able to stay strong when they are shifted front and back and side to side a little. We gave the DLX the shake test and it passed with flying colors!

Smoke Pro DLX Review Camp Chef

Extra features beyond the body include:

429 square inch cooking area
141 square inch Second Cooking Rack
Cooking Temperature range from 160 to 500° F 
25,000 BTU’s /hr
18 lbs Hopper Capacity
Hopper Cleanout
Internal Temperature Sensor and Internal Meat Temperature Probe
Ash Cleanout System
Electronic Auto Ignition
Shutdown Mode
Side Shelf

I highlighted my two favorite features because I feel like they are worth mentioning and part of what helps set CampChef apart in the world of pellet grills. First, the ability of this grill to get above that 400 degree F mark. So many pellet grillers struggle because they can’t get their grills hot enough to really roast or sear their food. The SmokePro DLX will hit those higher temps so you can pull off the perfect crispy-skinned spatchcocked turkey or reverse seared steak.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review
The second feature I feel like you need to know about is the ash clean-out system. Every pellet grill operates by burning wood pellets. Those pellets eventually combust and leave their ashes behind in the fire box. The DLX has an ash dump lever so you can empty that firebox full of ash without tearing your entire grill apart to get to it. You still need to do routine maintenance and cleanings, but you get more time in between each one and you can rest easy knowing your firebox is cleaned out and ready to roll!

The only features that are offered that I don’t really use is the included meat temperature probe. I’m a self-declared thermometer hoarder (seriously, I have like 20 different meat thermometers) and I feel like remote thermometers are the way to go with low and slow cooking and instant read probe thermometers work best for hot and fast. However, if you don’t have a drawer full of thermometers at your disposal, the one included is functional and integrated with the temperature controller.

Final note: I think this is an awesome grill at an amazing price. Really. It is going to last you years and years and bring you so many wonderful meals. If you’re looking for recipe inspiration once you have your new grill, don’t forget to check out my page! I’ve got everything from low & slow BBQ classics to easy and delicious grilled side dishes.

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