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posted September 08, 2015

Tailgating Recipe Round-Up!

7 Fantastic Tailgate Recipes

It’s fall, it’s cooling down, our bodies are telling us subconsciously that it is time to pack on that extra layer of pounds to keep us warm through the winter and that automatically translates into food. Yummy, hearty, soul filling food. Basically, it’s my favorite time of year. Fall also coincides with football season (which I really think is no coincidence at all) and that means tailgating! Finger licking good wings, warm chilies, and a whole lot of dipping.

I’ve teamed up with a few other awesome bloggers to bring you the BEST OF THE BEST tailgating recipes for your fall football parties. Check out the links below and earn the right to host the Superbowl this year with your awesome food skills!

Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Wings | Hey Grill Hey

Country Style Barbecue Ribs | Eat It & Say Yum

Barbecue Beef Sandwiches | Uncookie Cutter

Famous Baked Onion Dip | Goodie Godmother

 Fried Pickles | Tastefully Frugal

Brunswick Stew | Uncookie Cutter

5 Epic Stuffed Hot Dogs | Hey Grill Hey

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