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posted December 29, 2017

My 10 Most Popular BBQ Recipes of 2017!

TOP TEN BBQ Recipes of 2017

It’s that time of year again, when I take a moment to look back on the most popular BBQ recipes on my site in 2017. There are a couple of repeats from last year’s list (I’m lookin’ at you Apple Jalapeno Ribs and Sweet Rub), but most of these recipes are new from this year. We really dove into making videos of our recipes this year and having a few of those go super viral was a HUGE influence on what posts performed best on the site. Read on and see if your favorite made the list!

2017 was also a huge year for Hey Grill, Hey overall. Thanks to you, we were able to take this fun passion blog to a full time income and Todd and Susie are running this as a small family business. We also have two employees helping manage our growing social media accounts! None of this would be possible without your willingness to try our recipes, read our product reviews, and share our page with your friends and family, so THANK YOU! May 2018 bring you and your family peace and prosperity. Now, on to the recipes!

#10  Carolina Style Pulled Pork

This is a no-fuss, no-frills recipe for tasty smoked pulled pork with a tangy vinegar sauce. I totally understand why this one was a huge hit!

Carolina Style BBQ Sauce Recipe


#9 Cider Brined Pulled Pork

You guys love pulled pork! Which is awesome, because we do too! Especially this cider brined pulled pork. Sweet, smoky, melt in your mouth pork that is just perfect for feeding a crowd.

Apple Cider Brined Smoked Pulled Pork


#8 Smoked Prime Rib Roast

This is one of our newest recipes, but it was so popular on Facebook and Google that it jumped into our top 10 after being up on the site for only 2 weeks! Slow smoked, juicy, perfectly pink and ready for your holiday parties.

The Ultimate Smoked Prime Rib Recipes


#7 BBQ Smoked Pork Belly

Pork belly is the gift that just keeps on giving. It seems like this cut of meat is increasingly available in butchers counters and more and more readers are looking for tantalizing ways to serve it up!


#6 The BEST Sweet Rub

This is my ride or die recipe. It’s been consistently one of my most popular on the site since pretty early on. Have you tried it yet?? If not, don’t wait. You’ll never go back to store bought BBQ rubs once you master making your own!


#5 Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

Affordable chuck roasts are transformed into melt in your mouth cubes of meat candy. I definitely understand why this recipe went viral in 2017!

This BBQ Burnt Ends Recipe make the most amazing melt in your mouth burnt ends, using the more affordable chuck roast!


#4 Apple Jalapeno Smoked Ribs

This recipe is defending it’s top ten spot for the second year in a row. These Apple Jalapeno Ribs had a real moment on Instagram this year as all the BBQ family wanted to try their hand at the recipe. They just look so good in pictures! This was also our very first viral recipe video and gave me the confidence to keep making videos of my recipes.


#3 Jack’d Up Smoked Meatloaf

No surprise here, I mean what’s not to love? Perfectly seasoned meatloaf stuffed with tons of melty cheese and slow smoked to mealtime perfection. Over 10 Million video views on Facebook, so you guys must agree!!

Jack'd Up Smoked Meatloaf


#2 Texas Style Smoked Beef Brisket

Ahhhh yes. Spot #2. Glorious, slow smoked brisket. The holy grail of BBQ. This recipe took off like a rocket. Hundreds of thousands of people have turned out tender briskets following the steps and techniques in this post. Were you one of them?

Smoked Texas Style Beef Brisket


#1 Dr. Pepper Jalapeno Beef Jerky

We made it to the top!! My most popular post of 2017, Dr. Pepper Jalapeno Beef Jerky!! 30 Million Facebook video views and thousands of pounds of sweet and spicy smoked beef. I couldn’t think of a better recipe to end this round-up on!

If you were awesome enough to try any of these popular BBQ recipes in 2017, leave a comment and let me know which ones! If you haven’t tried any yet, what are you waiting for?? All of these recipes are sure to be a hit, so pick your favorite and give it a whirl. Happy New Year!!

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