smoked cheese, rib rub, and smoked cinnamon almonds

Christmas Gifts on the Smoker

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Gifts episode! You can re-watch the video below if you need more info on making each of these tasty Christmas Gifts! To get the

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smoked cheese

Smoked Cheese: A How-to Guide

Smoked Cheese is the perfect snack, sandwich addition, or flavor booster to pasta or soups. I’ll teach you how to smoke cheese so you can replicate this gourmet product at

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smoked cinnamon almonds in a bowl

Smoked Cinnamon Almonds

A kiss of real wood smoke gives my smoked cinnamon almonds a classic, “roasted over an open fire” flavor that can’t be beat! Cinnamon Roasted Almonds You’ve seen (and smelled)

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crab legs, smoked prime rib, and smoked baked potatoes

Christmas Dinner on the Smoker

Today I’m sharing my favorite recipe ideas for cooking Christmas dinner on the smoker! I’ve covered everything you need from smoked prime rib and smoked baked potatoes to smoked crab

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smoked baked potatoes

Smoked Baked Potatoes

Smoked baked potatoes are the tastiest potatoes you’ll ever eat! Soft and fluffy with perfectly seasoned skin. How to Smoke Baked Potatoes Smoking baked potatoes may just be the easiest

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Alabama white sauce in jar

Zesty Alabama White Sauce

Alabama White Sauce is a creamy, tangy, and rich BBQ sauce with just a kiss of heat. A classic Alabama BBQ sauce that is perfect on smoked chicken and more!

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spatchcocked turkey, asparagus, candied sweet potatoes

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas 2018

This list of Thanksgiving Menu Ideas for 2018 is my idea of the perfect holiday meal! Camp Chef is one of my sponsors and they challenged me to cook an

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