The Grill Squad Podcast Episode 11: Matt Prell

March 14, 2019


This month’s podcast is fun and super informative. We are chatting with Matt Prell of WorkSharp Culinary. WorkSharp is the discount sponsor this month and offering our members 25% off your purchase (which is such a steal!!)

Matt helps us learn about the mechanics of knife sharpening and talks up through how belt sharpeners are a great option for the home BBQ enthusiast. I will admit, I was not a sharp knife pro in the past but with help from Matt and the WorkSharp team I feel like I am getting a much better handle on how to maintain the investment I made into my knives and keep them performing their best.

You can follow WorkSharp on their social channels to get tips on knife care and maintenance as well as be in the loop for their in-person events. If you’re lucky, maybe Matt will sharpen your knife someday!


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