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You spent your hard-earned money on a smoker...are you making the most of that investment?

Imagine what it would be like to conquer those BBQ and smoker recipes that you’ve had bookmarked for months (or even years), but that you’ve been too nervous to try. How many compliments would you receive from friends and family about the amazing brisket or chicken that you’re serving? How proud would you feel if you could grill BETTER meals than what you get at a fancy restaurant, at a fraction of the price?

The Grill Squad will help you make this happen! Over 1000 members are already involved and making better BBQ for their family and friends!

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Your exclusive Grill Squad membership is your key to creating truly fantastic meals with your smoker.

Here’s what you get with your Grill Squad membership:

  • Access to my exclusive Meat Masterclasses to help you expertly create classic BBQ favorites just like a true professional
  • Workbooks to walk you through each step of the Meat Masterclass so you can easily follow along at your smoker without getting meat juice and dry rub all over your phone or tablet
  • A private Facebook community where we’ll help you troubleshoot, answer your grilling and smoking questions, and inspire you to uplevel your BBQing and create meat dishes you’ve never dreamed of
  • Access to the Hey Grill Hey eBook library, where you’ll find our popular eBooks Holiday Recipes For Your Pellet Grill and Hey, Fit Grill
  • Exclusive discounts to my online store, Patio Provisions, offering the best of the best grilling and BBQ products

Need more details?

Let’s dive into each of those perks.


My Meat Masterclasses are the heart and soul of The Grill Squad! 4 video courses paired with printable workbooks designed to take the backyard BBQ enthusiast to the next level. You’ve got the grill, you’ve got the enthusiasm and hunger for amazing smoked meats, you just need a little extra know-how. These masterclasses cover everything you need to know to smoke the best brisket of your life, perfect pulled pork, melt in your mouth pork ribs, and juicy smoked chicken. I even add new Masterclasses occasionally, like my newest Steak Meat Masterclass!

Most in-person BBQ classes cost HUNDREDS of dollars per attendee. I’m teaching you everything you need to know about these 4 main meat categories in nearly 2 hours of hands-on technique based educational video courses that you can start, stop, and pause at any time and watch from the comfort of your own home. PLUS 4 digital workbooks loaded with extra information, room for your own notes, tips from me, a printable BBQ Journal for you to log all of your cooks, AND a clickable Bonus Goodies file with links to my favorite tools and recipes.

This whole package is easily valued at $200, but it’s yours for $50 when you subscribe to The Grill Squad! When you see that enrollment is open, be sure to jump in, we only open The Grill Squad to new members for 5 days every month.

Private Facebook Group ($200 value)

Subscribers will have exclusive access to our Private “Grill Squad” Facebook group. Members will be able to ask questions, help each other, and show off their latest grilling masterpieces. Susie is in the group moderating every day, so you have direct access to her BBQ obsessed brain whenever you need.

Group Discounts ($100 value)

Access to an always-available discount on the Hey Grill Hey line of rubs, sauces, BBQ products shirts, hats, and more! Only available to Grill Squad members! No need to wait for a sale to stock up on your favorite products.

Industry Professional Interviews ($100 value)

Monthly podcast interviews with those in the know. We will cover new BBQ trends to watch, favorite recipes and techniques, as well as some insider tips from each pitmaster we interview. Some interviews include author and BBQ festival guru, DJBBQ, owner of Standing’s Butchery in LA, Jared Standing, and MORE!

Free eBooks ($30 value)

Both of Susie’s downloadable eBooks will be available FOR FREE to Grill Squad subscribers! That is over 50 recipes, most of which are only available in the Holiday Recipes for your Pellet Grill eBook and the Hey, Fit Grill eBook. These downloads alone are worth $30 in our store!

Get in The Grill Squad!

You can get a year-long membership to Grill Squad for just $50 per year. That’s only $4.16 per month, or about the price you’ll pay for just one crappy hamburger at a fast food joint. Think about all of the amazing food you’ll grill and BBQ for less than $5 a month!

But remember, we only open Grill Squad for a few days every month, so join NOW to get access to a huge library of BBQ knowledge.

$680 Just $50 per year!

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Who is The Grill Squad for?

The backyard BBQ enthusiast.

You’ve got a smoker, you are pretty great at keeping the temperature set and regulated, you have tried several things and they’ve turned out ok. You’re ready to start tackling those bigger price tag meats and you want to do them well from the start. OR you’ve already tried brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and smoked chicken, but you want to know more about how to make your results better.

The spouse/child/best friend of a wanna-be BBQ enthusiast who loves giving great gifts!

I hear all the time about how your parent/boyfriend/wife/etc. bought an amazing smoker and has cooked some great things and LOVES grilling out, but needs a little help to take things to the next level. A Grill Squad membership makes a pretty awesome gift, and it’s one that keeps on giving, because guess who gets to eat all the awesome smoked meats your significant other makes? YOU!

Who is The Grill Squad NOT for?

The BBQ Competition Crowd

BBQ competitions require a unique style of cooking that follows a structured set of guidelines and rules. The food is created to impact the judges with a single bite of meat. Here at Hey Grill Hey, we specialize in Backyard BBQ. The type of food you want to dig into and share with your family and friends. The Meat Masterclasses will teach you the tools you need to make food you can’t stop eating, but it won’t teach you how to win a structured KCBS comp or build a turn-in box.


You know you want to take your grilling to the next level. You’re ready to take the leap from casual griller to serious smoked meat master. But how do you get there?

There are recipes or techniques you’ve wanted to try, but you just haven’t worked up the nerve to make them. You’ve had a few meals that didn’t really turn out like you’d hoped. What went wrong? You didn’t have the know-how and the support you needed! You didn’t have the in-depth direction to prepare and cook your meat perfectly. And, you didn’t have a community of serious grillers behind you to answer the questions that came up as you were preparing your meat and your smoker.

When you’re a Grill Squad member, you have all of the resources you need to step up your grilling game. Between the Meat Masterclasses, workbooks, BBQ journal, and eBook access, you’ve got the killer information from the pros that you need to take your grilling from ordinary to extraordinary. And, with the Grill Squad community at your back, you’ll be inspired to create some truly amazing meals that will impress even your harshest BBQ critics.

The Grill Squad is the piece you’ve been missing.

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Drawing of grilling fork.

"My grilling was hit or miss before I joined Grill Squad – mainly miss. I knew Grill Squad was the solution for me because of the tutorials and the amount of information available. For example, butcher paper! I had no idea what a difference it makes. Before I was a bumbling beginner. Now I feel more like a journeyman – getting there but still room for improvement.

-Jim Boyer

Drawing of grilling fork.

Meet Your Squad Leader:

Susie Bulloch

Grilling is in my blood. I grew up in a restaurant family and spent my summers serving steaks and burgers to hungry tourists near a National Park in Southern Utah. I’ve been a carnivore since I had teeth to chew with and have always loved serving up the best meals to my friends and family.

I continued my love for all things grilling as I took a job as a recipe developer for a local company that made wood-fired grills. As I tried new techniques and recipes, I really started to hone in on my own style that was built on old school tradition with a twist of new flavors and methods. When they let me go, I knew I couldn’t stop building and creating recipes, so that’s how was born. I wanted to share everything I had learned and to encourage other people to get outside and enjoy wood-fired cooking the way I did.

I created The Grill Squad to offer something a little more hands-on and educational than I could do in a written blog post or YouTube video. I wanted a resource that would have helped me back when I had this amazing smoker, but no easy-to-follow set of information to increase my confidence and mastery. When I started, I was literally piecing together knowledge from all over the place. My whole goal with The Grill Squad and my Meat Masterclasses is to give you a technique-based, comprehensive knowledge in one convenient place to help you improve your skills in the backyard.

So, what does that mean for you? When you come to Hey Grill, Hey and when you join The Grill Squad, you’re getting first-class access to the wealth of knowledge I’ve amassed as an industry pro. I’ve broken two Guinness World Records for the longest grilling marathon and participating in the largest grilling class. I’ve cooked alongside Food Network chef Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, and Michael Symon. I taught Shaq (yes, that Shaq) how to spatchcock a turkey. I’ve been certified as a KCBS BBQ Judge and traveled to some of the biggest hotspots in American BBQ to eat! And everything I’ve learned along the way? I’m sharing it with you, Grill Squad Members.

What People Are Saying

"[Before joining Grill Squad, my grilling] was a lot of the same thing over and over and over. Access to Grill Squad, Todd and Susie, and everything included has allowed me to bring in so much more variety to my meals!! I’m loving it!! Being able to utilize different methods of cooking has allowed me to expand my options and better cook to temp than to time. As I master the methods, my BBQing is become better and more second nature. Thank you Todd and Susie!!!!!"

-Troy Henke

"Being a Grill Squad member feels like I have been grilling and smoking for years. The meats are just fantastic and beautiful. Grill Squad has helped me feel more confident with the tips and demonstration that you provide. the visual of your demos really help."

-Carol Earle

Drawing of grilling fork.

"The “Meat MasterClass” video and workbook made a huge difference in the quality of my finished product (dinner)! The Grill Squad has helped in many ways. I’m trying different recipes and different cuts of meat! I’m totally happy being a “Grill Squad Member”!!!!!!

-John Dosen

Drawing of grilling fork.

"I signed up to gain more knowledge and to possibly take that knowledge to enter competitions and cook professionally. I tried the pulled pork and other meats with great success and used the tips with the ribs to take second place in a local rib cook off! My confidence has grown tremendously and my BBQ has been very consistent and gets great reviews!

-Jarratt Gibson

"Used your Master class for ribs and got rave reviews. I always like grilling/smoking for friends and family, good food great friends are always a good combination! Being a Grill Squad member has taken my skills up a notch. You can never know enough about grilling/smoking. Always learning is the key to success!!"

-Gary Peterson
Photo of grilled chicken.
Photo of smoked beef.
Photo of grilled corn.
Photo of smoked pork.

Join the Grill Squad before you smoke your next meal.

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