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Meat Masterclasses

My Meat Masterclasses are the heart and soul of The Grill Squad! 4 video courses paired with printable workbooks designed to take the backyard BBQ enthusiast to the next level. You’ve got the grill, you’ve got the enthusiasm and hunger for amazing smoked meats, you just need a little extra know-how. These masterclasses cover everything you need to know to smoke the best brisket of your life, perfect pulled pork, melt in your mouth pork ribs, and juicy smoked chicken.

Most in-person BBQ classes cost HUNDREDS of dollars per attendee. I’m teaching you everything you need to know about these 4 main meat categories in nearly 2 hours of hands-on technique based educational video courses that you can start, stop, and pause at any time and watch from the comfort of your own home. PLUS 4 digital workbooks loaded with extra information, room for your own notes, tips from me, a printable BBQ Journal for you to log all of your cooks, AND a clickable Bonus Goodies file with links to my favorite tools and recipes.

This whole package is easily valued at $200, but it’s yours for $50 when you subscribe to The Grill Squad! When you see that enrollment is open, be sure to jump in, we only open The Grill Squad to new members for 5 days every month.

Monthly Giveaways

We’re hosting MASSIVE giveaways valued at $1000, every single month. As a member you are automatically entered to win! For AUGUST, we have 10 (that’s right TEN!) Thermapen Mk4 digital thermometers up for grabs for ten of our Grill Squad members. You can see our past giveaways and read our full terms and conditions HERE.

Private Facebook Group

Subscribers will have exclusive access to our Private “Grill Squad” Facebook group. Members will be able to ask questions, help each other, and show off their latest grilling masterpieces.

Group Discounts

Each month, Susie teams up with one of her favorite companies (think rubs, sauces, products) to negotiate a percentage off deal, only available to Grill Squad members! August’s discount is for 10% off ThermoWorks site-wide!

Industry Professional Interviews

Monthly podcast interviews with those in the know. We will cover new BBQ trends to watch, favorite recipes and techniques, as well as some trends to watch from each pitmaster we interview.

Ad-Free Access to

Everybody will still have access to all of the free recipes on You’ll just have the unique privilege of viewing them ad-free as a Grill Squad member! That means a faster website and a better user experience for you!

Free eBooks

Both of Susie’s downloadable eBooks will be available FOR FREE to Grill Squad subscribers! That is over 50 recipes, most of which are only available in the Holiday Recipes for your Pellet Grill eBook and the Hey, Fit Grill eBook. These downloads alone are worth $30!

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Who is The Grill Squad for?

The backyard BBQ enthusiast.

You’ve got a smoker, you are pretty great at keeping the temperature set and regulated, you have tried several things and they’ve turned out ok. You’re ready to start tackling those bigger price tag meats and you want to do them well from the start. OR you’ve already tried brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and smoked chicken, but you want to know more about how to make your results better.

The spouse/child/best friend of a wanna-be BBQ enthusiast who loves giving great gifts!

I hear all the time about how your parent/boyfriend/wife/etc. bought an amazing smoker and has cooked some great things and LOVES grilling out, but needs a little help to take things to the next level. A Grill Squad membership makes a pretty awesome gift, and it’s one that keeps on giving, because guess who gets to eat all the awesome smoked meats your significant other makes? YOU!

Who is The Grill Squad NOT for?

People who don’t own a smoker or know how to get their smokers up and running.

These Meat Masterclasses will teach you how to smoke awesome meat, but that will only work if you’ve got a smoker and know the basics of getting the temperature set. I don’t cover starting, temperature settings, maintenance, or grill cleaning in these classes.

Image of Susie Bulloch

Who am I, anyways?

Let’s go back a minute to give you a little peek into how I ended up in this amazing world of BBQ and building a Masterclass on smoking meats! I grew up in a restaurant family and spent my summers serving steaks and burgers to hungry tourists near a National Park in Southern Utah. True story, my now-husband tried to order a medium well steak at our restaurant when we were dating. My dad told him to date me, he would need to change that order to medium rare. We’re 11 years into our marriage and guess how Todd likes his steaks now? Ha!

I’ve been a carnivore since I had teeth to chew with and have always loved serving up the best meals to my friends and family. Fast forward a few years (and a couple of kids) into our marriage and I had to opportunity to start developing recipes from home for a local company who made wood-fired grills. They dropped a grill off on my porch and told me they wanted 5 new recipes a week, starting Monday. I felt comfortable with food, but not so much with true barbecue, so I started studying.

I read all of the books, tried all of the recipes and techniques, and really started to hone in on my own style that was built on old school tradition with a twist of new flavors and methods. During these few years creating recipes for this grill company, I fell hard in love with barbecue. When they let me go, I knew I couldn’t stop building and creating recipes, so that’s how was born. I needed my own space to share everything I had learned and hopefully encourage other people to get outside and enjoy wood fired cooking the way I did.

My love and passion for barbecue has grown from a fun side job, to my family’s full time business. We have millions of meat loving readers visit the site every year and it just keeps growing! During this process I’ve broken two Guinness World Records for the longest grilling marathon and participating in the largest grilling class. I’ve cooked alongside Food Network chef Tyler Florence. I’ve been certified as a KCBS BBQ Judge and traveled to some of the biggest hotspots in American BBQ to eat! Talk about having the coolest job ever. I pinch myself every morning that I could be this lucky!

After all of this, I knew that it was time to offer something a little more hands-on and educational than I could do in a written blog post or YouTube video. I wanted a resource that would have helped me back when I had this amazing smoker, but no easy to follow set of information to increase my confidence and mastery. When I started, I was literally piecing together knowledge from all over the place. My whole goal with The Grill Squad and my Meat Masterclasses is to give you a technique-based, comprehensive knowledge in one convenient place to help you improve your skills in the backyard.

What People Are Saying

I have already used the tips for chicken and plan to use the ribs and brisket Memorial Day weekend for my friends and family. The videos do a great job showing techniques and everything.

-Brian Dietz

I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to learn smoking or anyone wanting tips to improve.

-Mike Delp

I liked the Meat Masterclasses and was happy I was able to learn about something I am passionate about. My favorite was probably the sections about trimming. I feel like I learned the most in these sections as I had not really studied how to trim certain meats. I think my BBQ game will be stronger as I learned how to trim meat better.

-Pete Morphy

Everyone wants to be a pro or improve their grill skills and the Meat Masterclass videos provide a quick and informative way to do that. My brother is going to have some surgery and will be laid up for a while. I think he would enjoy watching them while he is recovering so that he will be anxious to cook when he is well.

-Kevin Cobb

I would recommend the Meat Masterclasses, because the amount of knowledge you get is priceless. Not everyone is lucky like me and gets to attend bbq classes twice a month.

-Nicole Lee

All of the Meat Masterclasses and information shared was amazing!! The packets that go along with each are full of knowledge, tips, tricks, etc. You all did an AMAZING job!!!! I DEFINITELY would recommend this! In fact, I already know some people in mind!!

-Troy Helke

There were some definite tricks that I really liked (resting in the cooler, wrapping in butcher paper, spatch-cocking the chicken), but probably my biggest take away is that I can do it. I can and will be a smoking rock star thanks to you! :)

-Joanna Sargent

My biggest takeaway was from the chicken course, seeing how easy it was to break down a whole chicken, as I have always screwed that up in the past and with just a few changes I learned from the video I know where I was going wrong. I would recommend this to my friends, it’s simple, easy to follow for say a beginner BBQer and neat tricks and ideas for someone trying to up their BBQ game.

-Chad Bunker

I feel like I have gained more confidence where it comes to smoking meat. We've had good success with pork shoulder in the past, but I feel like these videos have given us the tools we lacked for all the other types of meat covered. It is so nice to be shown how to achieve great results vs. simply following a recipe. I would definitely recommend these courses to my friends or anyone interested in learning the craft because they seem to be the next best thing to a hands on class, but at much less cost and with materials that can be reviewed as needed. We can't wait to fire up the smoker to put what we learned into practice!

-Jen Morrey

Join The Grill Squad!

Only $50/Year

We only open registration up for 5 days a month in order to keep things fair with the giveaway — and registration is currently closed.
However, if you get on the waitlist, we'll email you the second registration re-opens!