Turn Up The Heat with the HOTTEST Valentine’s Gifts This Year

February 10, 2016
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Hey Grill, Hey
I like to do the occasional gift round up because before I started blogging, I LOVED reading these posts from other bloggers. They always had some cool tool I’d never tried or I was able to get an extra glimpse into what they liked to use in their own homes. For some reason it was easier for me to trust a blogger I felt like I knew a little than an anonymous review of somebody on the internet.

Anywho…. Here’s my top picks for your Valentine this year. My latest favorite grilling accessories, gadgets, and gifts for the person who really wants to hear the words, “Hey baby, I love you. Now cook me something yummy!” These gifts are guaranteed to heat things up (even though it’s still like -5 degrees here in the barren winter wasteland of Utah.)

If the person you love does NOT want you to tell them to cook something on Valentine’s Day (yes, it happens), you can keep these presents for yourself and use them to cook an amazing meal for the person you love. I don’t know anybody who would hate that. Cook me a meal and we’re pretty much married.


Le Creuset Heart Cocotte

Now I love me some cast iron. Sometimes cast iron isn’t pretty. This enameled cast iron is drop dead sexy. Like, I would drop dead if I got a new enameled cast iron anything for Valentine’s day from the sheer sexiness of it all. The gold standard in the industry is Le Creuset, for sure. I have a Le Creuset outlet store near my house and it is so so so very dangerous. I swear, that store emits a tracking signal that just drags me in every stinking time. As far as selecting the perfect gift, you can go as crazy as you want. A classic pot can cost you upwards of $200. If you still want that WOW factor of high end cookware without the pricetag, check out this little heart shaped beauty! Only $25! Plus, I just found out their online store is doing a promo where you get 2 free mugs if you spend $150. ALSO, if you subscribe to their email list, you get free shipping.

Free Shipping on ALL orders!


This is not the gift for your Valentine unless you are 100% sure they will be thrilled with knives. Please do not give somebody sharp pointy objects that may offend them. This warning is for your own safety.

JA Henckels

If you are 100% sure your lover will be thrilled with knives, my personal suggestion is to invest in a quality steel blade. If you’ve spent your life using whatever loose knife you can find in the drawer to hack up your potatoes during dinner prep, it’s time to upgrade to a new knife. A real, adult, sharp as heck blade. My recommendation? Make a date out of it! Take your lover to a kitchen supply store and let them get all handsy with the knives. Every person has a different grip and likes a different weight/length/material for their knife. If you’re going to invest a good amount into a knife, make sure if will last forever and that you love it!

If you’re more of a WING IT kind of kid (aren’t we all a little bit?) then you can find a great deal for a decent chef’s knife on Amazon. You can search for exactly what you think will wow your boo-bear and have it shipped from Amazon in time for the big day. Personally, I have had GREAT experiences with JA Henckels knives. We got a set at our wedding and still (9 years later) use them every day.


I know of no better gift than the gift of meat. Now, I love to hit up my local butchers for my weekly shopping, but for Valentine’s Day… It’s time to roll out the meaty red carpet. The best of the best that I can recommend to you is Snake River Farms. They have distinguished themselves for their quality and superior flavor. I would pick a filet for that romantic dinner you’ve got planned. Seriously think about it. How freaking impressed would your Valentine be when they found out you special ordered meat for your evening together. I know for sure that would win me over.  Meat is a solid investment. Right now in their Weekly Specials and Sale Items they have this awesome Gourmet Gifts for Two pack that is loaded with customer favorites and comes in a sleek gift box. That’s a gift of love you can open together. PLUS, free shipping with the code FREEAFF. You’re welcome.


Honest truth, the best Valentine’s day we’ve ever had was when we put the kids to bed a little early and grilled up some delicious rib-eyes together. We set the table and had a quiet meal with no distractions and no ridiculously long wait or high price tag of a fancy steak house. Get creative this Valentine’s day and earn a little extra sugar from your sweetie. Speaking of sugar, make this grilled lemon cake with berries and cream for dessert. So PRETTY AND YUMMY! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Stay tuned later this week for the perfect dish to impress. I’m thinking a bacon wrapped filet with a red wine balsamic reduction. Riiiiiiggghhtt??!!!

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