Savor the Summer BBQ Contest Party from Harmon’s!

September 23, 2015


I’m not sure if you know this, but 2015 has kind of been my year for contest winning. Starting back in March when I entered Traeger Grill’s Meat Madness contest and made it to the elite 8 and won a bunch of stuff, to August when Ball Park Brands and the Food Network flew me out to New York to be a part of the #FinestGrillathon and I Broke a Freaking Guinness World Record, to a few weeks later in August when I won this awesome prize from Harmon’s Grocery Stores! I’m thinking I need to break my no gambling streak and get myself some lotto tickets at this point!

Anyways, I wanted to take a few minutes and write about the dinner that we won as a part of Harmon’s #savorthesummer Instagram photo contest (PS, go follow Harmon’s on Instagram HERE. They post awesome specials and great giveaways!) If any of you are out of Utah, Harmon’s is this amazing chain of grocery stores we have out here. They do an amazing job of partnering with local Utah makers and growers for their product and their butcher counter is my absolute favorite. They’ve custom cut so many things for me. Their fish guys even ordered me some fresh whole Utah river trout when I was in need. They’re just the best. Anyways, this isn’t sponsored or anything. I honestly just love them. So, back to the contest…. I saw the photo advertising the contest and figured I’d throw my hat in the ring! I put the contest hashtag on the picture below (it’s a picture of my Roasted Cauliflower and Easiest Grilled Corn Ever) and it won!


The prize included a BRAND NEW GRILL (I know) which we have lovingly named the Ginger Ninja, a $500 gift card to Harmon’s, and a catered dinner for 12. Let me tell you, limiting a party to 12 people in my amazing neighborhood is no easy task. I may have caused some offense to people. I need to use my gift card and buy those people some pretty flowers to apologize.

Anyways, the night was beautiful. The weather was perfect. Chef Lesli and her crew came in and made themselves completely at home in my kitchen (which I absolutely loved) and I got to watch them cook, taste, prep and serve some of the yummiest food ever! The appetizer course consisted of fried cheese, chickpea fritters, seasoned kale chips, and some yummy olives from Harmon’s olive bar. We started the meal with these divine caramelized shallot and leek pouches with giant prawns. The main course was this unbelievable marinated tri-tip cooked on the new grill and some fresh bulgar wheat salad with corn and tomatoes and mint. Did I mention the artisan breads and rolls being passed around the table. Come on! The meal was finished with a fresh peach galette topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Chef Lesli is seriously a master at her craft. Everything was outstanding and I am so thankful to the whole Harmon’s crew.  THANK YOU!!!!!12002598_877177525664918_6929323993973577345_oHave a gander at the photos from the evening and don’t judge me too harshly for the weird faces I’m making in every single picture. Candid pictures are my cryptonite. So are posed pictures. Pretty much I suck at pictures.


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