The Grill Squad Podcast Episode 2: Jered Standing

June 29, 2018

This month’s podcast interview is with Jered Standing! Jered is the founder and owner of Standing’s Butchery in the heart of LA and Todd and I loved getting his perspective on all things meat!

In this episode, we chat with Jered about his start in the industry, his take on butchery, and what he personally is doing to change the landscape of how to we eat meat in America. I also get him to share some of his favorite cuts (his shop uses the whole animal) and some BBQ trends to watch!

You can find Jered at his shop, Standing Butchery in LA. 7016 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038. I believe he would also like me to mention that there is free parking!

If you want to check him out online, visit

He is also sharing gorgeous photos of meats on instagram @standingsbutchery and @jeredstanding

Huge thanks to Jered for taking the time out, we really appreciate him! Enjoy the podcast, team.

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