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posted August 08, 2019

Patio Provisions Store Guide

Here at Hey Grill Hey we like our food grilled and our flavors big. That’s why we’ve created a line of rubs, sauces (and other merchandise) to help you get the most out of your grilled and smoked meat.

Our goal at Hey Grill Hey is to help you make better BBQ, feed the people you love, and become a backyard BBQ hero, and all our products over at Patio Provisions help you become a grilling master. At Patio Provisions you can purchase 3 of Susie’s signature seasonings, 3 signature sauces, peach butcher paper, apparel, and more to help you become the best BBQer of your life.

collage of 6 signature rubs and sauces, Hey Grill Hey logo black t-shirt and Hey Grill Hey branded peach butcher paper

Hey Grill Hey Signature Seasonings

All of our signature seasonings and sauces are made to work well together, and they are also versatile and taste great on so much more than just what’s on the label. Hey Grill Hey has created 3 signature seasonings and rubs with your backyard BBQ in mind. All seasonings come in 3 different sizes to fit your needs: 6 oz shaker, 12 oz shaker, and our 2-pound refill bag.

With help from our team of local Utah manufacturers, Corepack Manufacturing and Big Daddy Hill’s, we’ve worked hard to hand craft each batch of seasonings (and sauces!) to make sure you only receive the best product available.

Our 6 oz shaker bottles are the perfect size to try out, send as a gift, or snag with our big bags to act as your refill bottle! When you go big for your BBQs and cookouts, you need to go big on your seasonings! Our large 12 oz bottles are perfect when you’re cooking up big meats. Finally, save time and money with our 2 pound bags. They’ll cover countless briskets and burgers. You can also use these bags to refill those smaller shaker bottles.

Want to try all 3 of our great seasonings? Grab a set of our 3-Pack of Large Seasonings from Patio Provisions so you can be ready for whatever meat comes your way.

three 12-oz bottles of chicken seasoning, beef seasoning, and sweet rub on a wooden table

All our Hey Grill Hey Signature Seasonings are made with Real Salt. We care about our seasonings, and they just wouldn’t be complete without ancient sea salt mined right here in Utah!

Beef Seasoning

Our Beef Seasoning is the perfect salt and pepper-based blend for all your smoked and grilled beef. This seasoning was designed to taste just as delicious on a slow smoked brisket as it does on a hot and fast grilled steak. Spoiler alert: it’s also awesome on roasted potatoes. Make the most delicious cheeseburgers you’ve ever had in your life, and then sprinkle a bit of this on some veggies for a simple, yet totally satisfying dinner.

Hey Grill Hey Beef Seasoning is available in the following sizes:

Chicken Seasoning

Our Award-Winning Chicken Seasoning is a flavor bomb! It’s a balanced blend of herbs and spices with just a little heat. Don’t believe us when we say this chicken seasoning is totally amazing? Just ask our friend, Christy, from She took 1st in chicken in a KCBS BBQ comp using this seasoning blend. Not only is great on grilled and smoked chicken, it knocks the socks off roasted potatoes and garden veggies.

This chicken seasoning is available in the following sizes:

Sweet Rub

Opportunities are endless with my Signature Sweet Rub. This Sweet Rub is our cornerstone seasoning blend. Sweet brown sugar, smoked paprika, and other spices come together to compliment anything you’ve got on your smoker. Try it on pork, chicken, salmon, and vegetables! It’s even good on mac and cheese and other baked goods. I guarantee you won’t run out of food for this amazing sweet rub.

Our Signature Sweet Rub is available in the following sizes:

Hey Grill Hey Signature Sauces

Most sauces available on grocery store shelves are packed with additives and ingredients that don’t truly enhance the flavor of smoked or grilled meat. Many of them come bottled with liquid smoke that have an artificial BBQ flavor. They also come packed with fillers like high fructose corn syrup and water that don’t add anything to your delicious smoked meat.

Hey Grill Hey believes the good flavor of your meat should come from the smoke itself without having to fake it. All our sauces are made with good, quality ingredients. We also NEVER use high fructose corn syrup, added water, or liquid smoke. Our sauces won’t overpower your meat, rather they compliment and enhance the good flavors that come from sticking that meat on a BBQ.

Can’t decide what sauces to order? Try them all with our 3-Pack of Signature Sauces from Patio Provisions.

three 18-fl oz bottles of Whiskey Peach BBQ Sauce, Everything Sauce, and Apple Jalapeno Sauce on a wooden table.

Apple Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

Our Apple Jalapeno BBQ Sauce is sweet and savory with just enough kick. This sauce was inspired by a slow smoked rack of ribs begging for a boost of flavor. It’s perfect on pork, lends a tasty twist to chicken, and from a few reviews I’ve read, it pairs pretty great with smoked brisket!

Available in a 18 fl. oz. bottle, our Apple Jalapeno BBQ Sauce is one to keep on hand when you want tons of flavor and a touch of heat.

Whiskey Peach BBQ Sauce

This Whiskey Peach BBQ Sauce is the perfect sauce for the flavor curious. It’s an adventurous and sweet blend of peach puree and whiskey that will make your taste buds tingle! It’s extremely versatile with a great flavor that keeps you coming back for more. Pour it liberally on pulled chicken, glaze it on some ribs, or drizzle it over smoked burgers. You won’t be disappointed with how far this sauce can go.

Sick of the same old sauce? Pick up an 18 fl. oz. bottle of Whiskey Peach BBQ Sauce from Patio Provisions today.

Everything Sauce

Smooth, sweet, and tangy. My Everything Sauce is the perfect blend of tomato, molasses, vinegar, and spices for an unbeatable blend that is good on, you guessed it…


Baste, slather, dip, and pour. There’s no wrong way to use this sauce! It’s my go-to sauce when I’m making BBQ. Grilling up some chicken? Everything Sauce. Making some Poor Man’s Burnt Ends? Everything Sauce. Need some dipping sauce for those cooked carrots? Everything Sauce.

When you need that perfect BBQ sauce that is good on anything you pull off the grill, grab a 18 fl. oz. bottle of Everything Sauce. It’s a must-have.

Gear and Merchandise

Along with sauces and seasonings, Patio Provisions keeps gear and merchandise in stock, so you can improve your grilling skills and look good while doing it.

Peach Butcher Paper

We partnered with Oren International, the best in the butcher paper business, to bring you our custom printed Hey Grill Hey Peach Butcher Paper! Butcher paper is an awesome BBQ tool. Not only can it be used it for wrapping brisket, chuck roasts, and so much more, you can also use it for lining platters when serving up a tray of slow smoked meats.

hey grill hey branded peach butcher paper unrolled on a wooden cutting board

Butcher paper is a BBQ staple for slow smoked meats to get that gorgeous dark bark, and ours is paper you can trust. Check out these specs:

  • 100% FDA Approved
  • American made
  • 18 in x 150 ft

Hey Grill Hey Peach Butcher Paper ships directly from our store to your front door, so you can save time shopping, and get going on that awesome brisket!

Hey Grill Hey Hats and Shirts

Are you a fan of Hey Grill Hey? I mean, a really, really big fan? If so, Patio Provisions sells hats and shirts to help you show your BBQ team spirit. Our hats are adjustable, and our shirts are buttery soft (and they fit like a dream!). Click the links below to get your own Hey Grill Hey branded apparel.

Maroon Hey Grill Hey branded snap back hat

Hey Grill Hey Camo/Black Mesh Snap Back Hat
Hey Grill Hey Burgundy/Black Mesh Snap Back Hat
Hey Grill Hey Short-Sleeved Black Unisex T-Shirt
Hey Grill Hey Short-Sleeved Gray Unisex T-Shirt

torso of a man wearing a black hey grill hey logo t-shirt

Other Merchandise

Sauces, rubs, butcher paper, hats, and shirts not enough for you? Patio Provisions also has these other great items so you can show your love for Hey Grill Hey and make even more good food:

Hey Grill Hey Logo Sticker
Hey Fit Grill Recipe e-Book
Holiday Recipes for Your Pellet Grill e-Book

Want to see some of these items in action? Check out the video below. You can find more of my smoking and grilling recipes here on my website (browse the Homepage for inspiration) on InstagramYouTube or our Facebook Page.

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