Orson Gygi Class Review and Thermapen Event Recap!

June 9, 2016
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Thermapen and Orson Gygi Events

Hey everybody! This last weekend was one of the most exciting I’ve had since starting this blog. I never anticipated when we purchased the heygrillhey domain and began writing down recipes what direction life would start heading. The recipes and pictures are always fun, but  lately I’ve been really enjoying the opportunities I’ve had to get out and party with grill enthusiasts (is that a thing? I feel like we need a better name than that.)


Friday, I was invited down to ThermoWorks HQ to be a “Celebrity Judge” for a local Utah rib competition. I love love love my ThermoWorks products, you’ll see me with them every time I go on TV or to an event. I was thrilled to be invited and eat ribs, and even more amazingly meet Steven Raichlen. Steven is a host of his own BBQ and grilling show on PBS called Project Smoke. He also has many many books, and was at the event signing his newest release “Project Smoke” which I now proudly own with his awesome signature inside! He sat right next to me on the celebrity judge panel. I was totally cool and not even a little starstruck. Except for I totally was.


On my other side was my friend and BBQ force Cam “Bam Bam” from Bam Bam’s BBQ in Orem, UT. I’ve loved Cam’s restaurant forever and he was kind enough to let me come shoot some pics at his restaurant and write up a post when I was just first starting out. I basically felt like I was in the middle of the world’s BEST BBQ superhero sandwich. I was flying. HUGE thanks to Brady at ThermoWorks. I also want to let you guys know… ThermoWorks is having an amazing Father’s Day sale!! $69 for the MK4 is amazing, but I think the real deal is the 15% off the ThermaQ. Your Dad would love it. Seriously!

THermoworks Sale

On Saturday, after I attempted to recover from Friday, I had the most amazing opportunity to teach 2 classes at Orson Gygi (one of Utah’s local food supply establishments… they are actually on their 3rd and 4th generation of family ownership!) It was SO FUN! I’ve never been in front of a live crowd of that size  before and the energy was so exciting. I think the final count was around 200 people at each class.


I kept telling The Todd on Sunday that I had event hangover. I felt like I was running off of so much adrenaline that day between the anticipation of doing something new in front of so many people and actually being up there doing it. I was wiped!! I took Sunday and Monday to recover, and I’m here to share some of the class details with those of you that weren’t able to be there in person.

The first class was all about making your own rubs and seasonings and the second class was all about desserts on the grill. Both classes had some great questions and feedback. If you are interested, you can watch the classes on video here:

Rubs Class Part 1 Rubs Class Part 2
Desserts Class

I had Todd standing in the back broadcasting them to Facebook Live for me.

I’ve included the print outs to both of the classes below as well. If you have any questions, or if you’re a cool company looking to have a fun event, I’d LOVE to do more demos, smaller classes, or events. You can reach me at [email protected]

Grilled Desserts Recipes

Homemade Rubs Recipes


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