MEATER Thermometer Review

September 25, 2017

This MEATER Thermometer Review was sponsored by Apption Labs. I was sent a MEATER unit to test and review for the site. All opinions and images are my own. They have also been generous enough to give away a MEATER unit to one of my readers! Don’t forget to read through the post and enter at the end!


I first found out about the MEATER on Instagram, after I saw a couple of friends who were backing the product on Kickstarter and excited about the potential technology jump for the BBQ community. After over a year in developing the product to get it just right, all of the original backers are receiving their MEATERS and new orders from the public are available for shipping on September 30th, 2017. The single MEATER unit costs $69 and that’s what I’m featuring for my MEATER thermometer review today!

What is a MEATER thermometer?

MEATER is advertised as the first truly wireless meat thermometer. There are literally NO cords, plugs, or wires. The thermometer comes in the most minimalist styled packaging I’ve ever seen. No frills or novel-length instruction manual. Simply open the back of the wood charging case and connect the battery. I let my MEATER charge while I downloaded and familiarized myself with the app, and I was ready to rock and roll. I used the MEATER thermometer on a simple smoked pork shoulder for my first cook. I figured this would give me the opportunity to test the MEATER’s battery life, the Bluetooth range, as well as the major advertised point of being able to remotely monitor both the internal temperature of the meat and the ambient temperature of my smoker with a single probe.

meater thermometer



First thing I noticed was the ease in setting up and connecting the app to the thermometer. What the packaging lacked in instructions was made up for in the app itself. The app walks you through step by step of connecting your MEATER and beginning temperature monitoring. The connection was strong and the Bluetooth range was decent when I was just testing out the thermometer in my house. I was able to set alarms and temperature ranges for my long smoke session so I could track the temps of my meat and the grill at the same time. So far so good!

The BEST wireless meat thermometer

So how was it in action? Once I got the pork shoulder in the smoker, I realized the Bluetooth range was significantly shortened. I have pretty thick steel on my smoker and having the MEATER inside that metal shell seemed to inhibit it’s ability to broadcast to my phone (where the app was installed). I found a pretty quick fix, and this gave me the ability to test out the MEATER’s wi-fi and cloud features. After signing into the cloud in the MEATER app, I was able to leave my phone in the kitchen, closer to the smoker, to be within range of the Bluetooth. Then, we connected my husband’s phone (with the app installed) to the wi-fi and get a crystal clear and up to date reading with an extensive range. The best part was the cloud feature, so we could actually leave the house and still have up to date readings! The only bummer was having to leave my phone in the kitchen, but if you have an extra tablet laying around the house, it could be great to use that as your wi-fi or cloud conductor.

As far as the temperature readings, I felt like the internal temperature was really accurate. I tested a few times with other thermometers I have and the readings seemed to be really consistent. The external thermometer seemed to be influenced slightly by the temperature of the meat. When the meat was colder, the readings seemed to be a little cooler than the temperature of the smoker (probably due to the proximity of the external thermometer to the big hunk of meat). I think if you were using the thermometer on a smaller piece of meat, like chicken or steak, this wouldn’t be an issue. At the end of the day, the readings overall appeared consistent and the pulled pork turned out awesome! One of the features I thought was really cool was the MEATER app’s predictions for when my meat would be done.

Meater thermometer

MEATER Pros & Cons


-Minimalist design, sleek packaging
-Simple installation
-App design and usability
-Truly wireless, no plugs or cords hanging out of my grill
-Accurate internal temperature readings
-Wi-Fi and cloud monitoring capabilities
-Long battery life on a single charge (lasted through an entire 12 hour smoke session)


-Limited Bluetooth range inside of my steel smoker (made up for by wi-fi and cloud work-around)
-External temperature reading variances on large cuts of meat

Final thoughts for my MEATER thermometer review, would I buy it? Absolutely. If you are into tasty meats AND tech, this is a pretty awesome marriage of the two worlds. It is for sure the most advanced thermometer I have tested in terms of functionality and design. I have an entire drawer full of thermometer bodies and cords (I test a lot of thermometers) and I sincerely appreciated the slim design, the self contained charger, and the magnet on the charging dock. I’ll never give up my stick thermometers for instant reads, but I do love the MEATER as a thermometer than can monitor both low and slow and hot and fast grilling styles with a correct internal temp.

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89 thoughts on “MEATER Thermometer Review

  1. Thanks for your insight on this, I too have seen this popping up on instagram and others. Curious though- how easy was the wi-fi work around and were you able to easily connect away from “home”?

    1. The wifi workaround was super easy. Just a few clicks and we were up and running. The cloud feature requires you to create an account and log in- so it took a few extra steps to get it going but once we did it worked flawlessly.

  2. I loved the review. I was considering buying one or backing them and the review solidified that. Hopefully I win one from the contest for my smoker!

  3. I see this being right up my husbands alley – he loves technology and BBQ. Thanks for the great gift idea! Loved this review.

  4. The limited range would be a deal breaker for me. I use a thermometer with a cord that goes to a transmitter and I can carry the receiver with me all over my yard without losing the signal. Plus I don’t Instagram so I can enter anyhow.

  5. Just bought my first pellet smoker and have tried pulled pork and ribs, turned out pretty good. I used an antique thermometer that I have had for years. Would love to use this one and be able to control from a app. Genius!!

  6. Looks like a great idea! Would definitely be handy to have connected to wifi to get away from the house but keep a close eye on those temps!

  7. I love to grill pork tenderloin but struggle getting it cooked just right… this thermometer would solve the problem! My marinated pork tenderloin would be the first thing I’d cook.

  8. I would love to win this! I am sick of thermometers that aren’t even close to accurate! I would first try it on either a turkey or a pork butt. Thank you for all you do!

  9. This might be a simple question but do you insert the meater into the meat and then cook the meat with the meater inside until cooked?

  10. This company and product are horrible. 15′ connectivity range and the ambient sensor on it reads so erratically that it could never be trusted. They refuse to return the product and will only offer a replacement that also come along with shipment cost and a restocking fee. I’m currently fighting it out with them now.

  11. My wife gave me one for my birthday, and I have been very disappointed. If you’re using a steel smoker, you better plan to have either your phone or a separate dedicated device within 5 feet (no more) of the smoker in order for it to work. I live in a place with inclement weather, and I can’t leave an iPad on the patio right next to my smoker when it’s 25 degrees outside. Bluetooth range has to be extended for this to be a viable product.

    1. I agree the range is shorter than some others I’ve used. I definitely had to compensate with an additional Bluetooth device to extend, but that was an easy fix for me luckily. I know it’s not the case for everybody though.

  12. This product is useless. It doesn’t operate more than 5-10 from smoker or grill. I have now tried 3 units and none work. I have to stand outside next to my grill to obtain a temperature reading. Whoever designed this product never field tested it. $70 for a unit and you need 2 Bluetooth devices to operate. That’s insane!!

  13. I’ve been holding off on purchasing this due to the negative reviews on the Bluetooth issues. It looks very promising and I’m hoping they get things smoothed out because I’d really like to try it not only in my smoker but also when I do birds on my grill rotisserie.

    1. The bluetooth range is the biggest issue, but I’ve found the workaround of having another device that stays close to the smoker solves the problem and it works awesome as I can then stay connected away from home.

  14. I have used one of these for six cooks on a BGE ranging from a 2 hour/10 pound turkey to a 12 pound 16½ hour whole pork shoulder. I agree with Bud Smith. The ambient readings are pretty much worthless. They are heavily influenced by the internal temperature and/or proximity to the dome or grilling surface. Get it to close to something else and it is going to read way high. This also causes the internal temperature to read way high. Otherwise, it will be way under until the meat temp gets a lot closer to true ambient. I am highly confident of all of these assertions having used, a BBQ GURU PartyQ grill probe, a ThermoPro grill probe and the dial in the dome of my BGE to make ambient comparisons and a Javelin Pro Duo to double check internal temps.

    Bluetooth range is very short once structures such as the BGE dome and brick walls get in the way. I set up an IPad just inside the house from the grill and used the cloud trick. Even then, every time your phone gets into bluetooth range, it drops the cloud. Gets out of bluetooth range and fumbles to reestablish Wifi connection.

    A whole other category of issues is that this thing is BIG. It is almost a full ¼”(6mm) in diameter and they ask you to shove it 2 5/8″ (6.67 cm) into the thickest part of your meat. Unless you are cooking something huge, this means you have to insert it diagonally or into the side of something like a steak or brisket flat.

    Finally, while the minimalist design of both the Meater and it’s charging box are nice, they may be just a little too minimal. The second time I went to use the Meater, it would not connect to any of my i-devices. Turned out the battery was dead despite having spent a week in the charger. Seems, it was not making good contact and was not charging. I had to start my cook while the Meater charged and put it in three hours later. The is no way to tell if it is charging other than that it disconnects from your bluetooth receiver in that condition—a good thing to remember.

    In concept, this thing is really slick. In use, not so much. Mine is in it’s sleek, minimalist coffin for good and a Thermoworks Signals is on it’s way. I’m more than happy to put up with wired probes in exchange for accuracy.

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