Learn to Take Better Food Photos

September 22, 2015

Learn to Take Better Food PicturesNear the end of each month, I sit down and try to write out a list of goals for the coming month. I’m a lazy slacker by nature, so my monthly goal lists are an effort to combat my slothfulness and actually accomplish stuff. Last July I wrote in big bold letters on the top of my list “LEARN TO TAKE BETTER FOOD PHOTOS!” I had been trying my darndest to get this blog a little traction and then build my empire (that’s how this works right?) Every post and article I read about successful bloggers gave some heavy credit to the quality of their photos.

If I was being totally honest… my picture taking skills were not the biggest asset of my blog. I knew my food was great. I knew my recipes were good. I knew my market would love what I was putting out if I could ever get anyone to actually click on links I was plastering all over my Facebook wall (sorry friends.) I was willing to admit that my pictures were my weakest point and that I needed help.

Tasty Food Photography eBook

I started researching the best ways to improve my photos. While there were blog posts and quick tutorials everywhere, I needed something a little more comprehensive without requiring me to leave my house or put on pants. I saw some great reviews for Pinch of Yum’s eBook Tasty Food Photography and thought I’d check it out. Like almost every food blogger that is desperate to learn the ropes, I already knew about Pinch of Yum from their ridiculously amazing “The Food Blog Money Making Experiment” and aspire to be their best friend/official taste tester. Since I was a little obsessed already, I figured the eBook would be a solid investment (plus, no pants required.)

Let me say… the tips were beyond useful. Lindsay covers everything from lighting to composition, plating to accessorizing. Thanks to her chapter and visuals about finding great light, I moved my main photo shoot location from my giant sliding back doors to my front room where the light is more filtered and neutral. I seriously walked around my house to every single window with a tray of food and my camera to find the right light and it has made such a difference! Just look at these un-edited pictures. The one on the left is an image taken where I used to shoot every picture (by my back door) and the one on the right is by my front window. Holy difference!Side by Side pics from "Learn to Take Better Food Photos"Anyways, I just wanted to pass the book along in case any of you are looking to up your food photography game! You can purchase the book by clicking the banner above or the link/image below! Have fun and happy food photography-ing!

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Tasty Food Photography eBook

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