Hey Grill, Hey on Rachael Ray!

October 6, 2015

Hey Grill Hey on Rachael Ray!
So I stumbled upon a contest last week and the winner gets to co-host the Rachael Ray show for a day. WITH RACHAEL RAY! My food TV obsession started with binge watching the Food Network in my college apartment (the first time in my life I ever had cable) while eating ramen with eggs in it (don’t judge me) and I thought Rachael’s 30 minute meals were so amazing. Every kind of food seems pretty amazing when you’re eating egg drop ramen soup, but she was really killing it! I love that she is on a major network. I love that she has catchphrases. I love that she throws food sometimes. She’s just the best.

Also, I own a set of her orange pans and they helped to fill a void in my heart that I didn’t know was there.

Basically, I’m a big fan and I want to meet her and go on TV with her and become her best friend and text her pictures of my lunches every day. I figured I should enter. I mean, it’s kind of been my year for contests. From winning the BallPark Finest Grillathon entry and breaking a freaking Guinness World Record to getting my dream grill and grocery money AND a catered dinner from Harmon’s, I just couldn’t NOT enter the Rachael Ray Co-Host for a Day contest.

I can’t win this one entirely on my good looks, radiating charm, and over-the-top humility. I really need your help. If you can click the link below and vote for my entry, I would be so so so grateful! I get bonus points toward my entry for social shares and likes, so I really would appreciate your support. THANK YOU!!!! And PS if you ever want to be my best friend and text me pictures of your food. no contest is required.


You can also watch the video that I used to enter if you heart feels so inclined.




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