Happy Memorial Day, Welcome GTU Peeps, and a GIVEAWAY!!

May 25, 2015

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Good morning and super Happy Memorial Day to everybody! If you are stopping by for the first time after the Good Things Utah segment this morning, HI!!!! I’m so super ridiculously glad you’re here (in a not creepy or desperate way…mostly)! I hope you come back often for grilling recipes and tips. You can subscribe to receive an email when I post a new recipe, so you never miss out on anything. I also post links to all of my recipes on Facebook and Twitter and some fun behind the scenes images on Instagram.

This Memorial Day is a little different than usual for us. We have spent the last 9 years traveling down to southern Utah to visit my hubs family, put up fences on our mountain property, and spend our Memorial Day morning at the cemetery visiting his ancestors and friends at the grave sites. The day is typically filled with family and quiet moments to reflect on the lives of those loved ones who have already gone (Kylie, CeCe, Grandmas and Grandpas…you’re on my mind today and every day). This year, the weather was not on our side and between soccer games and busy schedules we missed our trip. To avoid wallowing, I’ve decided to celebrate the holiday doing the next best thing: giving stuff away!

We love to celebrate holidays being surrounded by family and friends and eating yummy food! That is what I want to give to you today!

A small catered event for 25-30 by yours truly!! I will provide the tasty smoked meatsĀ (choose from BBQ chicken, pulled pork, smoked turkey, ribs, or brisket) and 3 sides (choose from watermelon salad, cucumber tomato dill salad, grilled corn, baked beans, mac and cheese, corn bread, potato salad). All you’ve got to do is bring the people and the plates/flatware!

This giveaway is available to all who follow me on Facebook and Instagram! The official rules for entry will be posted on each of those social media outlets.

I’ve got all of my fingers and toes crossed for you! Good luck and Happy Memorial Day!

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