FEATURE FRIDAY: Dead Rooster Co.

May 1, 2015

Hey all! I’m super excited about this week’s Feature Friday!! In case you forgot, Feature Friday is where I tell you all about a new restaurant, ingredient, accessory, blog, etc. that has caught my eye. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to share everything I’ve learned with anybody who will listen. Pretty much if I think it is awesome, I want you to know about it! Some of these posts may be sponsored, but I would never put my name behind any person or product if I didn’t think it was worth your time and attention. With all that aside, it’s time to introduce this week’s Feature Friday:

Dead Rooster image


I first discovered Dead Rooster Co. on my fave social media platform Instagram (@deadroosterco) because of their absolutely beautiful images and branding. These guys have some serious style and their pictures are droooooool worthy. I watched them post picture after picture and I knew that I had to get my hands on their rubs. After a little bit of begging they graciously offered to send me a bag of their Black Gold rub to try. Oh yeah, did I mention that these rubs are available on a limited time basis? Today (May 1st) is the launch of their online store.

If you couldn’t tell, I was a little bit of a fan girl before I even had a chance to use their product. I’m a visual person and these guys had me sold on style alone, but I am also a food person and stuff’s gotta taste fantastic before I’ll even consider recommending it to my people. So… how did it taste?

Dead Rooster Co Rub in Bag

The rub itself is ridiculously aromatic. The second I opened the bag I was hit with coffee, cinnamon, and black pepper. It smelled like a coffee shop meets a steak house. I was so excited to use this stuff so I decided to stay simple with the Black Gold application. I didn’t want any other strong meaty flavors overpowering the rub. I really needed to taste the true flavor of the magic in the bag so I went with chicken.

Dead Rooster Co Rubbed Chicken

I spatchcocked a 4 lb chicken (cut out the backbone), drizzled it with a little olive oil, and liberally applied a tablespoon or two of Black Gold. After letting the chicken rest in the fridge for an hour (as recommended on the Dead Rooster Co. website), I threw that little beauty on a hot grill (about 425) for almost an hour (until 180 IT for complete annihilation of all potential bacteria).

Dead Rooster Co Whole Chicken

About 10 minutes before I pulled the chicken off the grill, I basted it with a tablespoon of melted butter to help really crisp the skin.

Dead Rooster Co ButterAfter letting the beautiful birdie rest for 10 minutes or so, I couldn’t wait any longer and chopped off an entire thigh and leg portion for my meal and a wing for dessert. The skin was sooooo flavorful. The rub penetrated the skin and beautifully seasoned the meat (I think the deep flavor came from the hour in the fridge). It was chocolatey, rich, savory, and just a hint spicy. Every bite was a little bit different and a little better than the last. It is definitely one of the more unique rubs I’ve tried recently. Everything out there right now seems to be just a small variation on the same theme, but this rub is just…not the same. Thank goodness.

Dead Rooster Co Wing and Leg

I took a slice of the breast to my favorite two foodiest of foodie friends and they inhaled it. Happily. With comments like, “ohmigosh this is so good.” And “what is this seasoned with?!” Dead Rooster Co. may not be the first to hit on the theme of coffee and BBQ, but they certainly have done it right. The two profiles of the sweet smoke flavor and the rich, deep coffee flavor marry so so beautifully.

Dead Rooster Co close up legIf you can’t tell, I loved it. Hence the rave reviews and coveted spot on my Feature Friday list. I CANNOT wait to try their other spice blends. I’m going to use up the rest of the Black Gold on a huge brisket this weekend so I’ll need to re-stock. An 8 oz bag is $10 and includes shipping or they have a sample pack with all 3 blends for $25. Uh, yes please.

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