apple jalapeno smoked ribs

Apple Jalapeno Smoked Ribs

These Apple Jalapeno Smoked ribs are on a whole nother level. A. Whole. Nother. Sweet and Spicy come together in a magical union. We looooooove us some ribs. Something about

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bbq meatloaf

BBQ Meatloaf with a Bacon Weave

Let’s just acknowledge that meatloaf kind of gets a bad rap these days. Nobody is clamoring for a big ol’ slice of Grammy’s gray, dry meatloaf with ketchup slathered on

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bacon weave

How to Make a Bacon Weave

Ah, the bacon weave. Not only is it a thing of unparalleled beauty, it is also a functional and unbelievable tasty tool to have in your culinary tool box. It’s

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cayenne caramels

Cayenne Caramels with a Pretzel Bacon Crust

The salty chew that bacon lends to the crust of these caramels is friggin heavenly. It’s like bacon and pretzels were destined to be together at the bottom of a luscious, spicy caramel lake. Sweet and savory combine in a treat that will knock your Santa socks off. Wrap these up for the perfect holiday gift!

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