skinny grilled lemon chicken on a plate

{Skinny} Grilled Lemon Chicken

Last month on Good Things Utah I was cleaning some supplies in the kitchen after my segment and Michelle Money came over to chat (we’re BFF’s now, ha!) She had

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bbq chicken nachos

BBQ Chicken Nachos

If I had to pick one food for the rest of eternity, it might be these BBQ chicken nachos. Some people might scoff and say that I should pick something

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grilled corn

Easiest Grilled Corn EVER!

Did you notice my use of all caps and two exclamation points in the title there?  I hope so, because I just really, reeeeeeeaalllly want you to know that this

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smoky cuban sandwiches

Smoky Cuban Sandwiches

This is not my first post regarding pulled pork leftovers (nor will it be my last) but I say with almost full confidence that this is my favorite. These Smoky

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steak rub in a jar

Homemade Steak Rub Recipe

Looking for the best steak rub recipe? Look no further! My homemade steak rub is the perfect combination of savory and delicious flavors to add a tasty kick to each

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cilantro lime grilled chicken on a plate

Cilantro Lime Grilled Salmon

Glory Hallelujah, it is salmon season! I mean real, honest to goodness, wild caught Alaskan salmon. Salmon that is free of artificial pink dyes and life in a cage. I

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