Amazon Prime Day Grilling Deals 2017

July 10, 2017

Amazon Prime Day is HERE!!! If you didn’t know about it yet, let this be your official notice. Amazon Prime Day is kind of like Black Friday in July with fantastic deals rolling out all day long. Each of the deals listed below go live at different times on June 11th, so if you’re shopping for some extra accessories for yourself of getting a little early Christmas shopping done for your grill lover, I hope this guide helps save you some of your hard earned cash. Before we get to the deals, I want to make sure you are ready and can grab them at the right time! Please note: Prime Day officially starts at 9 pm EST and runs for 30 hours. All of the deals listed below state what time they start in EST as well.

FIRST- If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, AWESOME! If not, sign up for a FREE 30-day trial.

SECOND- Find the deals you want to snag and wait for them to be listed on the sale. Here are 2 videos you can watch and learn how to add items to your “list” and how to set a watch alert so you know when they are available to purchase at the Prime Day price.

1) Watch your deals

2) Add items to your list

THIRD- Get shopping!!


  1. ThermoPro Wireless Remote Thermometer (Starts at 2:55 AM)
  2. Stainless Kitchen Shears– awesome for Spatchcock Smoked Chicken! (Starts at 7:15 AM)
  3. Stainless Grill Basket (Starts at 7:55 AM)
  4. 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet (Starts at 10:35 AM)
  5. Silicone BBQ Gloves  (Starts at 6:00)
  6. Stainless Steel Smoker Box (Starts at 5:00 AM)
  7. 9 Piece Knife Set (Starts at 2:55 AM)
  8. BBQ Grill Mats (Starts at 5:00 AM)
  9. The Original Bear Paws Meat Shredders (Starts at 5:25 AM)
  10. 3 Piece Heavy Duty Stainless Grilling Tools Set (Starts at 7:00 PM)
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