A Procrastinator’s Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts!

June 17, 2015
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I am a procrastinator. Always have been. Trying (cough…failing) not to be. This post, for example, was supposed to go up last week so everybody would have plenty of time to pick out the perfect present. But, hey, we’re busy people and sometimes things just don’t get done when you want them to. I think this time it worked out in my favor, because most people are procrastinators at heart and still want a killer gift at the right price.

If you’re still looking for that amazing gift for your Daddy-O… look no further. Here is my hand-picked grilling gift guide for the Dad that loves food that tastes good. Even better, use his new grill toys to cook him an amazing dinner on Father’s Day (the perfect steak, or maybe some beautifully tender ribs?) Bonus, all of these gifts are on Amazon and qualify for FREE shipping on orders over $25 or if you are a Prime member!


Under $20, on a budget!


silicon gloves

Silicone BBQ Gloves, $18.85- Your Dad may have lived without these before, but he shouldn’t have had to. These heat resistant gloves are serious work-horses when it comes to outdoor cooking. Word to the wise, buy a second pair for yourself.

bear paws

Bear Paws, $12.95- Straight forward, these are the best tools for moving heavy cuts of meat around without getting burned and nothing compares to their ability to shred through a pork shoulder for simple pulled pork!

Under $35, great gifts for the money conscious!


ThermoPop Digital Thermometer, $21.97 (ON SALE)- This pocket sized power house is perfect for the grill-master on the go. Rotating display (so cool!) fast read, splash proof, tons of cool colors. This thermometer goes with me to every BBQ and TV segment. ThermoWorks has rush shipping available so you can get this in time for Dad!


FrogMats$33.99- Worth every penny! These bad boys are non stick and big enough to cover the entire grilling surface of your grill. They prevent things like fish and shrimp from sticking and falling through the grates. We use them all of the time for jerky as well!

weber stainless set

Weber Stainless Tool Set, $29.49- Everybody needs a solid, dependable set of grilling tools. Don’t be drawn in by the 33 piece super shiny giant grill kits you see for $15. They are cheap for a reason and you won’t even use half of the stuff in there anyways. Get a set that is stainless steel, straight forward, no fuss. It will last longer and work better, promise.

Under $50, now we’re talking!

cast iron

Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker, $36.94- This is the only pan set you should ever need. It won’t be, but it should be. I have crossed over to cast iron cookware almost exclusively. The flavor of everything is infinitely better and I love how easy it is to transition from grill to stove to oven to serving. Cast iron is beautiful and durable and lasts forever!

pizza pan

Cast Iron Grilled Pizza Set, $47.09- Nothing beats the taste of a grilled pizza! That smoky crisp crust is un-achievable in a regular oven. Give the gift of good pizza!

salt block

Himalayan Salt Block, $36.99- This one is for the gourmet dad. The dad that likes to experiment and try new recipes and bring a bunch of food to the table and proudly pronounce, “I cooked this all on my Himalayan Salt Block!”

Under $100, that’s how you prove you’re the favorite kid!


Thermapen Super-Fast Thermometer, ON SALE (gray) for $69.00- this is the ultimate in Dad gifts (or me gifts, ahem). The Classic ThermaPen is the industry standard for thermometers. Crazy fast readings, always accurate, water-resistant, 1500 hour battery life. P.S. Not on Amazon, but they are offering RUSH shipping to get it in time for Father’s Day.

swing grill

Swing Away Campfire Grill, $57.99 plus $17.24 shipping- I know this one isn’t free shipping but it is almost impossible to find one that is. These types of grills aren’t widely manufactured in the US for some reason, but they are all the rage in Europe. I am posting this here because I have grill lust for one of these bad boys and maybe if you get one I can come use it sometime?!

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2 thoughts on “A Procrastinator’s Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts!

  1. The bear paws are great (especially on a budget!!), we used them for many years. But last year I splurged and got the hubby the pork puller, http://www.porkpuller.com, drill attachment, and OMG talk about the fastest and cleanest way to pull your pork ever! We can’t live without it now.

    1. So THAT is pretty freaking awesome! I’ve tried to pull pork with my Kitchenaid mixer before (works great on chicken) and it worked like a charm but I kind of missed that hands on pork pulling process. Maybe I’m broken, but really getting my hands in there with the Bearpaws and shredding each piece is weirdly fulfilling to me. Ha!

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