A Carnivore’s Guide to Disneyland!

June 14, 2017

A Carnivore’s Guide to Disneyland is here to bring you the best meaty eats inside both Disneyland and California Adventure parks!

A Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland! The most epic meaty eats in the park.

If you’re anything like me, you plan your vacations around where you’re going to eat. Everything else plays second string. When you’re chasing little kiddos like I am (I’ve 3 kids under 8!), those vacations may take you to the Happiest Place on Earth. Just because you’re maneuvering the stroller like Lightning McQueen and slathering sunscreen like a boss doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice with less than the best when it comes to satisfying your meat tooth. I’ve rounded up my favorite, most carnivorous eats throughout the park and organized them by quick eats and sit down staples. Whether you need to grab some killer bacon and asparagus kebabs while you wait in like for Indiana Jones or a massive smoked turkey leg before you even get through the castle, this guide is for you. There’s nothing like protein to power you through the ridiculous line at Peter Pan, am I right? My personal favorite-MUST NOT MISS MEATS-are marked with a  ***.

A Carnivore’s Guide to Disneyland:


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***Smoked Turkey Legs (carts throughout the park) My favorite place to grab one is right before entering Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I go back for another one while we’re getting ready for the parade if it’s been a two turkey leg kind of day.
Corndogs (Little Red Wagon, Main Street) Grab a hand dipped corn dog at the Little Red Wagon. Also before entering the castle. Ever wondered why you have two hands? One is for a turkey leg. One is for a corn dog.
Chimichangas (Ship To Shore Marketplace, Frontierland) These are big, filling, and hand held. Surprise! They also sell turkey legs here. You were about ready for another one, weren’t you?

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Smoked Turkey Legs


Corn Dog Castle (Paradise Pier) Get the cheddar sausage or hot link. Hand dipped and a tasty twist on classic dogs.
***Cozy Cone Motel (Cars Land) These quick service cones serve up some of my fave grub in the park. Don’t miss the Bacon Mac and Cheese or the Chicken Verde at cone #3.

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Cozy Cones from Cars Land


Galactic Grill (Tomorrowland, Disneyland) Get the loaded breakfast sandwich with eggs, sausage, AND bacon.
Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurant (Frontierland, Disneyland) Fajita Beef Breakfast Platter. When you need some steak to start your day.
***Flo’s V8 Cafe (Cars Land, California Adventure) Order a Chicken Tamale Breakfast, then order another one. It’s not meaty, but if you’re craving something sweet, their Brioche French Toast with salted caramel is a pretty killer belly filler.
Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe (Buena Vista Street, California Adventure) Perfect spot to grab a bite as you head into the park. Tasty sammiches with bacon and gouda or sausage and cheddar. Oh and eggs. Do eggs count as meat?

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Chicken Tamales from Flo's V8 Cafe

***Cafe Orleans (New Orleans Square, Disneyland) Monte Cristo Sandwich. Meaty and deep fried? Dreams do come true. Also- the jambalaya- shrimp, fish, Andouille sausage AND chicken.
Troubadour Tavern (Fantasyland, Disneyland) Bratwursts! But the best part is the bacon sauerkraut it comes with. Meats on meats.
Harbour Galley (Critter Country, Disneyland) Lobster rolls. Buttery real lobstah, toasty bun, chips. Fish is meat, right?
Hungry Bear Restaurant (Critter Country, Disneyland) Chili Cheeseburgers. Hearty chuck patty dripping with meaty chili and topped with an onion ring.
***Award Wieners (Hollywood Lane, California Adventure) Gourmet dogs loaded high. We got the BBQ Crunch Dog- a cheese sausage with BBQ sauce, cheddar, and crispy onions and the Bacon Street Dog with…guess what? bacon crumbles.
Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill (Pacific Wharf, California Adventure) This is a stop every time we come. I can’t get enough of their crispy skinned fire grilled citrus half chicken! I don’t share.

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Bengal BBQ Kabobs

(Guy in camo shorts not included)

***Bengal Barbecue (Adventureland, Disneyland) Delish! Try the bacon and asparagus, and the sausage pineapple kabobs. And the chicken kabobs. K, fine. Try all the kabobs.
French Market Restaurant (New Orleans Square, Disneyland) More of that meaty jambalaya and Cajun Style Meatloaf. Generous portions here.
***Paradise Garden Grill (Paradise Pier, California Adventure) Maybe my favorite hidden gem in the park. The Spicy Beef and Lamb Meatball is life! So tender and flavorful, served with the creamiest tzatziki. The Grilled Steak Skewer with the chimichurri is legit too. Super filling portions, perfect for dinner.
Smoke Jumpers Grill (Grizzly Peak, California Adventure) A build your own adventure burger bar. The Bacon Cheddar Burger was NOT skimpy on the bacon, and they have all the toppings you could ever dream of. I could barely fit my finished burger in my mouth.

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Spicy Beef and Lamb Meatballs from Paradise Grill


These restaurants don’t always accommodate walk-ins, so click each restaurant to make reservations online for your trip.

***Carnation Cafe (Main Street, Disneyland) Chicken fried steak with the creamiest, most tender home fries. Paired with a nice runny egg and you’ve found breakfast perfection. Oh, and get something with the sausage- it’s so big and hearty!
Plaza Inn (Main Street, Disneyland) Character dining fun, plus ALL YOU CAN EAT BACON. They also have made to order omelets and ALL YOU CAN EAT SAUSAGE! This one costs a bit extra and requires reservations. Did I already mention the endless supply of bacon and sausage?
Ariel’s Grotto (Paradise Pier, California Adventure) Character dining (reservations), and my personal favorite for the li’l girls. All the princesses come right to your table, as do towers of pastries and fruit plus this amazing Red-Oak Smoked Honey Whiskey Tri-Tip with eggs and hashbrowns.

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Chicken Fried Steak from Carnation Cafe

River Belle Terrace (Frontierland, Disneyland) Known for their BBQ Ribs, but they’re not actually smoked. Opt for the sausage link combo-Linguica and Tri-Tip sausages!! They also serve a Maple, Apple, and Bacon bundt cake. Because meat desserts are a thing.
Wine Country Trattoria (Pacific Wharf, California Adventure) If you go for lunch, get the Bolognese with beef and Italian sausage. Then add the meatballs. If you go for dinner, get the Rib Eye Steak with Bacon Brussels Sprouts. Or the Osso Buco with Polenta. Dang, I’m hungry.

***Blue Bayou (New Orleans Square, Disneyland) This was a special treat last time we were here on my birthday. I ordered the Flat Iron Steak and my husband got an amazing Bone-In Pork Chop (lunch only) but at dinner they serve Bone-In Rib Eyes, Broiled Filets, and unbelievable Surf and Turf. Epic dining experience for sure, especially because of the ambiance inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!!!
Carthay Circle Restaurant (Buena Vista Street, California Adventure) Basically famous for their Fire Cracker Duck Wings appetizer. For the main course, no doubt it’s the Braised Short Rib. You walked a lot, you earned it.

Carnivore's Guide to Disneyland- Pork Chop from Blue Bayou

That’s it, my friends!! My hot deets on the meatiest treats this side of Downtown Disney. I hope if you ever find yourself in the Happiest Place on Earth, this guide to meaty goodies will make it a little happier! ALSO- I’ve partnered with Get Away Today (one of the biggest names in affordable Disney Travel) to get you guys an exclusive discount on any park adventure you book through their site. So if you’re feeling a little hungry for a mouthful of tasty Disneyland eats, look at some of their amazing trip packages and use code “HEYGRILL” for $10 off. If you can’t get away, but my Carnivore’s Guide to Disneyland left you craving some meaty eats of your own, check out my RECIPES section for some dinner inspiration tonight.

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7 thoughts on “A Carnivore’s Guide to Disneyland!

  1. Like 5% of these options are carnivore. The point of carnivore is eating meat without grains, breads, or diary. Most of everything you listed has these items. This is not a carnivore list it’s a list of “here are some yummy junk foods with meat.”

    1. I think you’re taking it way to seriously. It’s just a title! Sit back, relax and enjoy some yummy junk foods with meat!

  2. I love this list! Finally, someone who understands life’s priorities!

    I’d add Napa Rose at California Adventure to your list. They have a changing menu that always satisfies the carnivore in me.

    To a lesser level, Trader Sam’s. Their carnivorous items are marginal, but the atmosphere is great!

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