500K Giveaway!! Camp Chef SG Bronze Pellet Grill!

March 4, 2018

Hey everybody!!! Today is an exciting day! We reached 500,000 Likes on Facebook!!! I can’t even believe it as I am typing it out, but it’s true!

To say thank you to our amazing fans, I’ve put together an amazing giveaway with help from one of my favorite sponsors, Camp Chef!

We are giving away a beautiful bronze Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill! I love this grill and wrote a full review of it’s amazing features. You can check that out HERE. I love it so much, I wanted to give one away to YOU!!

Here are the details for the giveaway-

Winner will receive a Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill which features:

-Ash Cleanout System
-Dual Stainless Temperature Probes
-Stainless Steel Firebox
-160-500 degrees F temperature range
-Slide and Grill Technology
-Size: 811 sq in.
-Volume: 4,850 cubic inches (translation: more pork butts, 2 turkeys, double the briskets, at least 6 racks of ribs, etc.)
-Color: Available in black or bronze color options.
-25,000 BTU of wood-fired heat
-23 pound capacity hopper

Giveaway is limited to the lower 48 United States of America (unfortunately).

Here’s how to enter-

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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19 thoughts on “500K Giveaway!! Camp Chef SG Bronze Pellet Grill!

    1. Hey Chris! On the giveaway form, once you click the link to visit the Facebook pages, when you go back to the giveaway form you should be able to click a button that says “enter”

  1. Good evening,

    I had the same problem as mentioned above went to both links made sure i was following both and came back to page for entry and it still says no entries.

    Please advise, Justin

    1. Hey Justin! Looks like a very small group of people are having issues. Everything seems to be working on my end, so I’m wondering if it’s a browser issue. Maybe clear your cookies/cache and give it another try.

    1. I’ve emailed the support team who hosts the giveaways to see why a few people are having problems. They couldn’t really offer me a solution beyond what I already suggested, except for maybe people weren’t logged into Facebook so it wasn’t registering the visits. Could that be the culprit??

  2. Congrats on meeting your 500k milestone. What a great giveaway! Utah’s weather needs to make up its mind, is it winter or spring!?! Bring on the smoking/grilling season.

  3. Just entered contest just after putting one of your other recipes on to smoke, we’re doing the Jack’d up smoked meatloaf and we cant wait for it to be done. Thank you for all the great recipes use them all the time.

  4. Is there a difference in pellets (other than the obvious flavor)? How do you feel about CampChef pellets? What is the best pellet to use?

    1. Hey Reed- Every pellet is a little bit different. I prefer using pellets that are a higher ratio of the actual wood on the label of the bag. A lot of pellet companies use 70% or more of a local hardwood (like alder or oak, most commonly) and then oils or a small percentage of the flavored wood.

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